Welcome to Blogging party 101

If you’re looking for a place that loves company you found it
This is where you can find just about anything
you can imagine to write about, think about or dream about.

Blogging party 101 introduction

Blogging party 101 is from a thought that has been on my mind for
yrs, cause of all the other sites has either been taken down or has
been altered in so many ways that it’s not fun anymore to be on.

So this is my pleasure to do my best to develop a fun pleasing site
for anyone that likes to blog about what they have on their minds
is more than welcomed to hang out & write their thoughts here.

I’m not a website designer so it’s going to be as simple as I can get
it for anyone that wants to join can, without much hassles in doing
so, there will be blogs you can engage with by liking & commenting.

I’m going to be putting different blogs on here to engage with &
work on giving bloggers a place to blog with their stories of life
if they want to, I have a few things in mind to start with on here.

camping-bird watching
life issues-gov’t issues-
economy issues-$ issues
and so much MORE

There’s a few things that has to be said
that will help this site to grow & enjoyed
is that we ALL keep some basic rules.

When we keep peaceful towards others
it keeps a peaceful community & happy
people engaging in what they enjoy most
& that’s making friends not enemies.

Staff-Owner-Admin is always around watching
for anyone that may need help or for anyone
going against the rules towards others <NO-NO!

invite your friends-family-other bloggers, there’s
enough room-space for everyone to join the fun
it’s free to be a part of good hearted bloggers.

All we have is time by the grace of God
to lead us day by day to show the way
through him that ALL Life MATTERS.
OWNER: Gayle Harrelson
EM: anicegh@gmail.com

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