I’m a real person with a lot of thoughts & ambition
with a git-er-done way of thinking that keeps me on
track of what my heart & God puts on my mind.

I’m 63 yrs old, mother to 3 boys & lost 2, yrs later
I’m not going into a lot of detail about my life but
I will say this I am a straight up person, to the point.

I take lives very serious on all levels on earth that
God almighty put on this earth, he giveth & he takes
it away, at no warning & I’ve had my life of battles.

No 1 on earth is perfect we’ve all made a few mishaps
in 1 way or another, I love communicating with like
minded people that live for God & believes in the good
of mankind as ourselves & let no man take us under.👏

I believe in law & order & the rights of the nation &
the constitution, as well as our military forces, I stand
with & for America & our 45th President Mr D J TRUMP 👍

So if there’s anything you want to ask me somewhere
on here is my email, but if you can’t find it & you landed
here, This is the email anicegh@gmail.com Thank You.

I do hope we can get to build this site up for a lot of
new members to show up, like I said I’m no web designer
but you got to give me credit for trying something new
this will be my very 1st owned website investment With 50$.

I’m not rich & I’m not looking to be any time soon with this
I did this for those that has lost faith with the big wigs that
control your rights Your voice you know what I’m saying.

As long as we don’t ring any bells on here & keep things
cool & smooth, carry a decent conversation like civil
minded American people do, don’t ruffle any feathers.

I know there’s a lot of people in the world that needs a
outlet to get some Peace away from it all & writing is a
therapy for those that just go with the flow of life.

We’re under the eyes of EVERYONE that’s on the internet
so we have to be very careful on what we say as well as
do online, no matter what it is we can be silenced easily.

I’ve had that done on other sites & it’s not very funny
& I’m sure others have been done the same way too
just remember what we do effects everyone on here.

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