We all at some time in our lives we’ve have had pets
rather it was a dog-cats-hamsters-snakes-turtles-fish
rats-mice-birds-guinea pigs & god knows what else.

This is my baby, I got her when she was a puppy at
a few weeks old, she was the only 1 that has the
markings she has, we lost her to old age 16 yrs old 😞

We use to do all kinds of things together, walks
fishing, letting her swim in the lake & ponds
play chasing games, took rides all the time.

She loved sleeping with us, she had a way
about her that you couldn’t ignore her
when she’d look at you with her eyes.

Her hair was as soft as ever on a dog
she didn’t like her feet messed with
she had stuffed toys she didn’t destroy.

You could say she was spoiled as much
as we could cause she was our only baby
she was a boarder collie mix breed.

She was mated with a red Aussie & she
had a liter of 8 pups & at a late age too
but she took great care of them for being
a 1st time parent I kept 1 male that I still
have, named him Brutus it fits him ha ha ha

What pets have you had in your life time?
what was it about it that made you spoil
it, love it, enjoyed it more than anything?

Eyes, Temperament, breed, color, Ext.

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