There are a lot of things going on we never thought could be possible in
our very life time that it’s almost like we are in some type of dream or
movie & wasn’t told what to expect but just go with the flow of it all.

I’m 1 of MANY that is trying my best to fathom everything that’s going on
so we’re ALL in this mess together, we just have to be more careful & at
all costs. be aware of everyone & everything SERIOUSLY this is no joke.

This is why I’ve decided to make this site for those that has things they
are dealing with & need a place to let it go into space to get some peace
no peace is a disaster for no rest & that’s a menu for destruction, not good.

We have to learn how to change what our lives are going through right now
and the best way I think to do that is to have a place to JUST LET-IT-GO rather
it be a hr. or a few hrs reading blogs, watching videos, engaging with others.

Socializing is the best way to let things go cause it gets our attention off our
problems that has us in a stressed out level we can’t think straight cause of
everything that’s going on around us, the nation is tilted the wrong direction.

How do you work on destressing when you’re day has went over the edge??
or as the saying goes LETTING THINGS GO? Music & reading comes to mind
fishing, camping, gardening also is a good way as well as crafting all works.

I’m more at home these days, at my age I’ve had some off the wall stressed
out days & where I live from season to season I’ve seen where everything I
said how to destress I’ve done it all & then some & it’s kept me busy & calm.

Back in my days, (60’s) a lot has changed since then, And we adjust to it all
I didn’t get my 1st computer till 2009 after we moved from Fla. after we lost
everything from the housing market that took Everything we lived for, 😞

It’s now 2021, & things have gone slap off the chain with gov’t & society
this has a lot of people on edge & unsure of what is going to happen or
what direction our nation will turn into over time as we know of it NOW.

I use to raise guppies as a way to destress did it for 2 years & I have to
admit, it’s pretty cool to have such a fish with all sorts of colors to admire
it can be enjoying if you have all the right set up & all females & no males.

I’ll be working on putting some Videos on here at some point but not sure
if I can or not but we’ll see if I can put this 1 on here to see what happens
this is a you tube list of raising guppies if anyone is interested in doing it.

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