Fishing n the dark

Fishing in the dark is a sport thing that is well enjoyed & relaxing

People that enjoy fishing do it for all sorts of reasons that just seems
to make life more enjoying for a reason to get away from the house
to relax & get away to just think about things of what ever is going on.

Fishing can change 1’s outcome on what ever situation the person is
going through, good or bad. once people get off to themselves where
there’s no interruptions but you & the water & the surrounding area.

I love fishing at night where I can have a small fire so when their not
biting I’ll go sit by the fire & do some heavy thinking, that’s where I do
my best thinking at while I watch the flames dance about, it relaxes me.

I love taking a weekend off to myself & relaxing where I can have a talk
with the stars & sort things out for the future of where this nation is going
& how to be somewhat ready for what ever may roll my way & effects us.๐Ÿ˜ž

We don’t live far from a good size lake & we have some good fishing areas
just for catfishing at night up here in Indiana, we have waterfalls & dams &
a lake that feeds into other areas around the lake we have in our sm area.
Cagles Mill Lake – Cataract Falls <if you are interested in this ๐Ÿ‘

This is a Video that pretty much shows what I’m talking about in fishing
in the dark but if your not into fishing you could be around a small pond
area away from other people & have a small fire to sit next to & just think
on life in general. & your catching some good fresh air that God provides.
hope you enjoy the videos>Lake Cataract> Catch Catfish at Night with Lights
DIY Fishing Bait Light >Indiana Flathead and Channel Catfish Action

So tell me do you go fishing in the dark? do you enjoy it? have you caught
any good sized 1’s? do you eat catfish? what kind of bait do you use most?
I have a verity of different bait I catch mine with, homemade & store bait
as well as live bait & cut bait it just depends on the weather & location.๐Ÿ‘
WORM GITTER> Worm Grunting> How to Find Wormsย  No Digging
8 best catfish baits> Best Catfish Bait EVER!> Make Your Own Fish Bait

If You’re interested in how to raise worms here are some good videos on
that as well cause lets face it fishing can get expensive when it comes to
bait, so here is a good way to raise your own fishing bait & save $ as well.

I hope this helped who ever lands on my blogs & I also hope you enjoyed
the content as this is right from my thoughts to the blog to share with you
I love sharing the things I’ve learned in my lifetime of 60 + years with others.

Thank You for hanging out & connecting with me, hope to hear from you
again on my other blogs I’m working on day by day, you have any Ideas on
anything that’s not on here to engage with, let me know & I’ll work on it ๐Ÿ‘

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