Cooking Alone

Cooking for 1 is easy, but you want to know how you can save $ & never
have to worry about having food you have to cook everyday just to eat?

When it’s just me that I’m cooking for, I find ways to make enough food
where I don’t have to cook every day just to eat 2-3 times a day if I want
when I go shopping I have me a good list of food I’m going to be using.

Stews & stuff like that you make a good size pot up & divide it into a
bunch of smaller containers to eat as you want, stew & meals as that
I don’t freeze pasta or potatoes in them types of meals I cook them
last for the dish I’m having for the day that way they don’t get mushy.

I do make like a good size pot of pasta that if I want can eat everyday
enough to be the last meal of the day & what I don’t eat stays in the
main container till the next day or a few days later pasta meals don’t
last long after 3-4 days after being cooked it goes sour after a few days.

Now what I like doing that some may not think about is like bbqed
chicken is, you buy a family pack of chicken & you BBQ the whole pack
or you can boil it all & freeze it after it is room temp to bag & freeze up
freeze just what you think you’ll eat for the week or make a meal with.

You can do the same thing with all your meals you like to have for the
week to eat. you just have to think outside the box every now & then to
make it work & to save time & energy & cost it takes to cook everyday.

Same goes for stocking up on bread & milk, you buy enough to last you
the month like I keep me 6-8 gals of milk on hand in the freezer & the
same with my bread I buy 4 wheat & 4 white & freeze them for the month.

Drinks I love my sodas as much as I love my milk so I buy like 8-10-2 liters
of different sodas & buy the small single bottles, so this way I can freeze
1/2 of the single bottle drink & when I want a soda I take the frozen 1 out
& fill the 1/2 full single bottle up with the 2 liter drink & have a cold soda.

How do you save on food $ & time in the kitchen when you want something
to eat or drink? When you are on a fixed income you have to find ways to make
it last where you don’t stay broke every month & this was a small portion of it
I always look for $ saving ways to make ends meet & have enough to work with.

Here is a great easy fast 1+ person meal to cook & save a mess in the kitchen as
well, cause who wants to clean a kitchen after eating? I sure don’t so that’s why
I make sure my dishwasher is empty so after I’m done preparing I wash everything.

This is a meal that you can make & while its cooking make some mashed potatoes
& warm up some can veggies & you will be full & ready for a nap after your done
cause this can’t get no better than this for a nice tasty filling meal to not take a nap.

Talk about something easy & very little mess to clean after your done cooking this
is just that, not to mention cheap where you could make this a weekend meal in no
time & have every 1 full as a tick looking for a place to crash after their done eating.

If you’re interested in easy cooking & to find more of this kind of cooking just click
on the persons name that’s in BOLD >Red Meat Lover & It Will take you the their
video page & hit videos, it will have all the videos that person has published there.

Photo by Elle Hughes on

Thank You for stopping by, I hope this was some help to you in helping
you in how to save $ time & cooking everyday where you have more $ &
time for other things you want to do with both time & $ every month 👏

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