People across the world does some kind of gardening, rather it be
a flower garden or a vegetable garden, it’s back breaking work if it’s
done by hand with like smaller gardens are around the property.

Big farmers have 100’s of acres of land to feed armies of people
there’s also huge flower farms across the nation in & out of
state that has plant’s you never thought were possible to get.

There’s bog plant’s, there’s air breathing plant’s, there’s pond
plant’s, there’s desert plants, humidity loving plant’s, there is
Venus fly trap plant’s, there’s cacti plant’s & a lot more as well.

Flower gardens are so pretty & eye catching & it’s not just ANY
flower garden, but 1 that you can vision from your mind that no
1 else has or that you have seen other than from your mind. 😱

I use to travel about the country roads valleys & loved all kinds
of the prettiest flower gardens I’ve ever seen were spread along
the hills & valleys of canyons & along waterways away from people.

I love to work in the yard when I can & I’ve always thought about
having me a humming bird goldfish pond that would be surrounded
with hummingbird plant’s & butterfly visiting the garden how sweet.

I haven’t seen anything like it, but in my mind of thoughts out of the
blue, which at times turn out pretty darn awesome If I ever did 1 to
enjoy in my final years on this earth for someone else to enjoy. 👍

Here is a video of such awesome gardens that will take your breath
away at looking at how lavishly planted everything is & the effect it
gives to a landscape specially when it’s around a water area on here. was that not awesome?

If you ever got the chance to have such a garden what would it have in it?
what would it look like? here is a link to what plant’s to get to have such
garden & if you like content as this hit the like tab & leave a comment.

Thank You for stopping by & hanging out on the site, If You want to join
the blogging party contact me & I’ll work on getting you on here where
you can write your own blogs that you’d like to share with others as well.

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