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Saving $ isn’t the easiest thing to do, specially at these times, so this
will be where I give my experiencing advice or ideas on how to make
your money last longer & less spending of it that I’ve had to learn.

We all know $ is hard to hang on to & everything we need takes it
so how do we hang on to it? that’s a great Question, it takes a lot of
control & to change your way of thinking towards how you spend it.

People work hard to make a living, a lot of people work in life & death
jobs, a lot of people work far from home & family to make their money
some people don’t have a clue how to handle the $ they make every mon.

So if your 1 that is trying everything you know how to save money great
then this will hopefully help you in 1 way or another cause life isn’t cheap
have you ever heard pay yourself 1st? that’s the main thing you have to learn.

What does pay yourself 1st mean? that means you put so much $ in a place
to HANG ON TO, rather it be in a savings account or where YOU CAN’T GET IT
say you make a regular money cash check {social security-VA CHECK} 1.500$.

Take like 500$ from that check & start putting it away to hang on to every
pay check & you do that for a year & that will get you a GOOD STRONG start
cause by the end of the year you’d have a full total 6,000, that’s a good start.

If you can’t save 500 then do 300 a month that will give you 3,600 in 12 mons
what could you do with any 1 of them amounts of $ you see? pay a bill off,
get a good jump on food for a few mons maybe? pay a bill a few mons ahead.

With the way the economy is heading these days, time is of the ESSENTIAL
the sooner you can start putting so much $ away it will be a BIG HELP to the
mindset of being broke every month to having $ to get out of a big jam.

I didn’t get the chance to start saving my $ till almost the end of the year
I could have started sooner but B-4 I could, I had some OTHER plans that
needed to be done 1st like work on getting a few bills out of the way.

I started getting my Social Security $ in June & by Sept 2020 I got a few
bills paid ahead & paid off once I had that off my shoulders I started
putting 500 into a savings account that CAN’T BE TOUCHED by anyone.

I also took some of my $ & ganged up on food for a few months & all
the miscellaneous things I have been putting off, paper towels toilet paper
laundry soap bath soap cleaning stuff like bleach dish soap all that.

Now that I have that behind me, I can keep up with it where I don’t have
to worry about running out any time soon where I have to do without again
now when I see something I have running low I don’t have to stress over it.

When you have $ you can do a stock up on food & miscellaneous things
this is where it really counts, you buy 3-4 BIG bottles of dish soap laundry
soap the same way paper towels buy the cheapest FAMILY PACKS & so on

Anything you can buy in bulk is the way to go, rather you the only person
or a full house, the thing is bulk is ALWAYS a good thing cause it does save
a lot of $ at the end & keep building your savings where your never broke.

Food buying in bulk, you know what you use the most those are the things
you buy the most of to last a few months like bread, milk, butter, flour, sugar
syrup, can goods, cereal (dry) hot cereal, tea, & what ever else you need.

The milk, breed, butter can be frozen till you need it just take 1 out a day
ahead of time to thaw out, the milk needs to be shook a time or 2 a few
hrs after you take it out, make your tea in gal containers & freeze it.

I make 2-4 gals of tea & that saves me a lot of $ every month Just like
I make coffee 2-4 pots (big pots) & freeze them after it cools off to
freeze & it last me 2-3 mons you just have to mark which is which.

The food you make everyday makes a big difference as well too
make PORTIONS that you will eat for the day or week & freeze it
the only thing is potatoes & pasta’s don’t do good being froze.

but you could make a good size pot of stew without potatoes &
freeze it, then when you pull it out to eat you can cook your
potatoes up while the stew is thawing out & stew is made.

Anything you use a lot of buy enough to last you a few months
stamps is 1 that keeps going up, buy like 3-4 books if you mail
your bills out like I do & when they go up it won’t hurt as bad.

I will give you some videos on what other people are doing in
this segment of saving & budgeting your money to save more
cause the more help we can get is always a big help for others.

I get not everyone is the same, but what ever we can share with
others could make a big difference somewhere down the road &
that’s what counts do you have some money saving tips or tricks?
Don’t forget to read the comments on the videos for more info.

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I think you pretty well get the point of how to make 2021
a lot better & easier & less stressful to move forward to
get ahead in your money food & peace of mind all at once.
Hope you enjoyed the content & please share, like. comment.

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