We have not had the best of year since Trump left office & Biden got in
Trump tried every rally, speech, meeting, everything to warn everyone
& here we are in the VERY THINGS he said would happen & he’s RIGHT.

Biden has no business being in office as we can ALL SEE VERY CLEARLY
he has no clue as to what he’s doing & not making any sense either &
expect people to except what’s going on? I don’t see that happening.

I’ve been saying the same thing myself to people but it’s like people
have been blindfolders on & can’t take them off to see the real truth
we all know the 2020 election was stolen, rigged, & they cheated us.

Since Biden been in office look at everything he has done to AMERICA
look what he has done the the economy in the 1st WEEK better yet look
@ where he is putting the economy, in the drain everyday he’s president.

People right now is in dire need all across the globe for jobs, shelter,
food, $, where when Trump was in office people were happy & living
& Biden has striped ALL THAT AWAY with a stroke of a pen, REAL SMART.

We all know what’s going on & why this is going on, we’re not STUPID
this was a set up to have everything changed over to the green new
deal reset of America & people just not going along with the B-S!

If you think I’m wrong or don’t believe it then I say have a good listen
to this video & tell me just what you think is going on & what you see
cause right now I’m looking at pure disaster & nothing getting better.
Economy in full melt down Tap the title & the link is there for you.

Moving is never easy but I can tell you what this guy is saying is right
if you live in the city or near a big city the BEST THING you can do is
MOVE! why? cause it’s a lot better in the country & less stressful.

If you never been camping you need to try it a few times to see how
you like it, why camping you ask? cause that’s what country living is
you have no 1 to bother you, you can do what you want & be happy.

I LOVE country living, it’s well worth the effort to think about all you
can do with your own piece of property & have a garden a pond a
piece of privacy that everyone is striving for but just can’t afford it.

I had 3 acres & my husband was a semi driver & was gone most
the time & I’d have the whole place in my hands to do as I wanted
so I did, I made us the BEST looking 3 acres in the area I loved it.

These next few videos is about what you can do with 3 acres & less
to raise your own food, your own fish, be self efficient of your own
resources that the GOV is taking away from any & everyone they can.
2.5 acre HomesteadHomesteading on 3 acresWant to Homestead?
10 Things You NEED TO KNOW Just hit the titles to watch the videos.

I hope you enjoyed the content of this blog that it got you to thinking
rather it be now or in the future just always remember, your in control
of your life & your the only 1 that can decide what’s good for you.

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