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America we are in some major life surviving times these days rather
you believe it or not, or if you haven’t noticed what’s going on around
the world let me see if I can’t fix that for you & get you caught up here.

With the “NEW PRESIDENT” we’ve all seen watched & heard some really
off the wall mind boggling stuff across the media networks well folks I’m
here to invite you to a whole new way of looking at WHAT’S GOING ON.

I’m going to be showing you what people are talking about in their area
& what they show you is REAL, & what they talk about is JUST AS REAL
so I hope this will help educate someone that visits any of my blogs.
“the videos is in BLUE TITLES”

This was right after the capital Invasion riot & there was a few people
gathered talking & this is what they had to say, put yourself in their
shoes & go through what we ALL are going through with how things are.

This GOING ON is just after Texas & MOST the states were under a MAJOR
FREEZE & the grid had failed to supply power & water to people & were
in a bad way & the “GOV” Is HELL BENT on gun laws & flipping killing us.
10 MILLION WITHOUT POWER-GRID RISKS < time to wake up to be ready.

When your in a situation where your not prepared for the nation to go
upside down on you & you need GOV ASSISTANCE what do you normally
do? you depend upon the GOVERNMENT but what do you do when you
can’t depend on your local Gov & they could care less about any of us?
Republicans declare war on Trump supporters < This our GOVERNMENT.

This is what’s not right, the nation across the globe is OVER FILLED &
our so called PRESIDENT is not helping Americans with all the problems
we have & letting MIGRANTS In & helping them instead! W T F IS THAT?
Chad Wolf blasts Dems’ immigration bill: < So this is where we are TODAY.

Our Constitution is out the window, rule of law is right along with it &
our freedom is no more, things that are going on isn’t going to get better
but WORSE as long as Biden is in office as our AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.
Biden Says 2nd Amendment <Is NO MATCH for His Executive Orders ?

This is our future, this is where out future is heading for your kids &
everyone that lives in America for those that so called VOTED for this
man I hope you get just what YOU WANTED from all of this craziness.
Biden prioritizes migrants over American citizens < This isn’t America.

So, now where do we all go from here? we do what needs to be done
that’s to get yourself ready for a nation falling apart around everyone
you have to do your research on how to protect you & your loved 1’st
when shit hits the fan < I sure hope you get what this man is saying.

Are you ready for the sh!t to hit the fan? can you survive with a total
melt down if & when you no longer can depend on your Government?
what are you doing to prepare for a lawless nation with no government?
How to survive after SHTF < there’s plenty of info online to get prepared.

This video will give you all the info you need to prepare for the future
with the way things are going with our nation & our Government that
has NO IDEA what he is doing but destruction of the whole nation.
Every Prepper Should StockpileGOVERNMENTS ARE SCARED!

People the time has come to get your heads out of the sand & make this
a MUST DO THING TO PREPARE listen to these videos again if need be
but the time has come to be ready for ALL HELL TO BREAK! ! seriously.

I understand about hardship & hard-times I could write a good book
on that till I die, but we’ve all been through hell & back & then some
the information I put on here is for those that need it the most & that’s
any 1 that is interested in learning about survival in ANY SITUATION.

Secrets of Wealthy Preppers < What can we learn about them? A LOT !
you learn from certain things that you see growing up & into adulthood
for those that set their minds on their goals in life to live the life of the
rich, by following certain things & researching, & setting up the plan.

Readers, Visitors, if there’s anything on this earth I could do to help
someone in a life or death disaster of any kind, this is where I’d take
them to learn everything they can, So please take time to share this.

Thank You for stopping by I hope to see you on other blogs & enjoy
the content, if you see a video not available please let me know so
we can look into it, I appreciate your views & opinions stay safe.

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