Always be READY!

“the videos are in the title in blue
Life as we know it no matter what your doing, where you are, or where
you been, even where your going, everything that the Government
sets in place could improve our lives or destroy our lives am I right?

This is why it’s called a MUST DO THING to keep your eyes & ears OPEN
at all times cause these days we can’t be sure of ANYTHING with the
way things are looking, it’s not looking too promising for the future.

Have you checked out the other blogs I’ve wrote on the other topics?
they have some interesting things to know about, in case you may
have missed something along the way here is 1 of them I’ll share.
THIS ISNโ€™T GOOD! < Hope you find the content enlightening to share.

Our lives isn’t promised to us but we can protect our lives ahead
with a close eye on what our very Government is doing to our
lives with all the practical B-S they are doing in the process of it.
Economy in full melt down

People we have to be ready for what ever they put us through
look at what is going on with how they are changing our very
existence on this earth, & putting peoples lives in danger here.

Gov’t has this agenda that who ever supports Trump is a racist
& conspiracy theorists & we need to be reprogrammed into
something that we’re not so they can reset our very lives ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
the great reset 4 the future people this is CRAZY ! is it not?

This needs to be a wake up call to EVERYONE OF US TODAY
cause what you listen to on this video is very true of OUR
GOV’T as they are the 1’s that rules the roost not the PEOPLE.
63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

What they are doing right now is changing our very ways of life
they no more think about what they are doing to all of our lives
their more into destroying the very nation we are trying to save
Capitalism vs. Socialism this is why it’s important to be aware.

After watching the last video, that is what we’ll be facing ahead
this is why it’s of the upmost importance that we are PREPARED
cause lets face it, your in a WORLD OF DANGER with Biden as pres.
Biden Says 2nd Amendment < Is NO MATCH for His Executive Orders๐Ÿ’ฅ

This is how important the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE to the Biden’s agenda
they no more care about you or us or anyone other than those that are
FLEEING to OUR country to turn it into what THEY LEFT BEHIND watch
Biden prioritizes migrants over American citizens < this is our president.

Is this what people voted for? I don’t think so, & can we be strong enough
to get things turned back around like Trump had things going B-4 Biden got
everything up side down with a stroke of a pen & disrupted every 1’s lives
Chad Wolf blasts Dems’ immigration bill: < it’s in OUR HANDS to get it done.

We sure can’t believe the news media that has been talking about what
Trump has been doing cause they have slander him so bad to MAKE you
BELIEVE what the media was saying was true which was all a BIG LIE ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Lindsey Graham CLASHES with media < people we have to learn from this.

We all seen & heard what happened at the Capitol & I’m 1 person with
a lot of others that are very concerned about where our future is going
with everything that’s going on these days WE ALL NEED TO BE WORRIED.
Rep Jackson describes defending House chamber Is that crazy or what?

This is why people are on edge & P.O. at everything that’s going on here
the media lies the government lies the world is being tilted into what
they want not what the PEOPLE OF AMERICA WANTS & it’s our RIGHT.
The REAL evidence  this is OUR LIVES they are playing with not theirs

I have to agree with what Glenn was saying on all this mess that’s taking
place & if you can’t agree with him then you are in a world of your own
cause he CLEARLY shows how the democrats are working against us ALL
THIS IS WHY Protesters Stormed the Capitol he has a very clear point. ๐Ÿ‘

You have to wake up to what’s going on with this new president Biden
& what his agenda is all about, cause you can’t just over look what he’s
doing cause it WILL EFFECT your life & everybody’s lives on this earth.
‘Freedom Force’ takes on socialism and the ‘Squad’ this is so not right

People, if they erupt the capital like they did what do you think they’ll
do to our very lives down the road when things go to hell in the future
listen to what they are saying & we the people are the very targets of it.
Richard Grenell reacts LIVE (newsmax) you hear what is being said here?

This is why I said they could care less about any of us, your loved ones
your parents, your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, NONE of us MATTER to them
families lost their loved 1’s cause of this NUT JOB as a GOVERNOR of NY
calling on DOJ to reopen case against Cuomo admin read the comments

This will make you think about what’s at stake in your very life right now
cause this is what they call the meaning of life as we know it everyday, we
wake up & start our everyday lives that end sooner than expected it could
Love Life Death In A Day < we don’t need for the Gov to make it any worse. ๐Ÿ˜ž

This could or may be your very living area & if it’s not give it time it will be
could you live in a city town county where this is what’s going on everyday?
this is where our nation is heading state by state town by town city by city
L.A’s new normal this is what people are sick & tired of in their countries.

If this didn’t make you see what’s really going on then I hate to say this
but you are living in a world BEYOND HELP & don’t care just like the Gov’s
that you can’t see how bad our nation, freedom, lives are heading to the ๐Ÿšฝ
how severe is the China problem ? < this has to be stopped in it’s tracts.

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