Off grid living

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Did you know that off grid living in some states is legal & some not?
there is a lot to know & learn about living off grid the pro’s & con’s
I’ve watched a lot of videos on the subject & I’d LOVE to go off grid.

There is plenty to learn about this kind of thing in life for a lot of
reasons that you wouldn’t think would ever happen in your life
time or in your area of living, but they say never say never too.

Off Grid living isn’t for every 1, for again a lot of reasons, this is why
I placed videos on here so you can make up your own mind if you
could live off solar system & off grid I could & LOVE EVERY MINUTE.
Just hit the name> Solar Panels Cost & Savings: Pros and Cons 👀

This is how you think outside the box about being conservative
about the electric you use every day that you may not know about
videos like this is good to know when & if you need to change over.

Most people don’t realize how much power they use everyday &
just go along with the bill they send, people don’t think twice &
that’s not right or fair to the consumer, but how to over come it.
What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar? < hit the title to watch video

They’ve been talking about the green new deal & what its going to
take to get the nation to go along with it never mind the cost of it
you listen to this it will make you think even harder about power.
Green New Deal: Fact versus Fiction < I sure hope you listened close

This is a good 1 to listen to, about what she’s doing with 2 small kids
& her better 1/2 all 4 people in 1 camper & what she says I agree with
her, cause I’ve had to do the same thing but not with kids just us & a
dog we raised from a pup, we lived in 2 camp grounds for 1 & 1/2 yrs.
Going off grid with no money!! it’s not easy being up rooted like that.

There’s nothing better than to be ready for anything that might happen
so the more we learn about survival you never can know too much about
it & this video here will explain everything you need to know to make it.
The Coming U.S. Power Grid Collapse: How to Prepare < listen & learn.

Cooking off grid you need to really think smart about how to cook & keep
warm cause it’s way different than ON GRID so learning things like this is
a blessing to share with others >  Indoor Cooking When Utilities are Gone

Since no 1 knows what lies ahead with how the gov, is doing right now &
where the nation is heading these days it’s never to late to learn a few
things about the subject JUST IN CASE you find yourself in a bad situation.
Top 9 States – Best State For Off Grid Living

Worst States For Off Grid Living There is a lot to consider about this type
of living on what your looking at BEFORE you just decide if & where you
can live off grid & what it will take to get it all laid out the way you want.

The Real Truth About Living Off Grid This is a good way to learn what it’s
like to live off grid, you have a whole new way of living than what your use
to so the more you learn the better it can be, but it takes time, $, will power

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power This will break it all down
for you to understand what living off grid really means & everything about
how it all works for those that live off grid & most of ALL saving your cash.

The TRUTH about OFF GRID LIVING If You’re Thinking about doing this in
about 5 yrs from now, the time is now to get ALL the info that you can,
on you tube or any other site or even blogs, or some local people.

6 Mistakes to AVOID when Buying Raw Land Tips on how to NOT make bad
decisions when buying property to have as your 4-ever property to live on
you really need to do your research & planning step by step & have a goal.

Well folks that’s all for now but if your looking for more input on the matter
you can always look for other videos & see what you come up with cause it’s
never a bad thing to seek out more info about what your looking for in life.

I wish you all the best in your journey in life & always stay safe & live the
best you can & be thankful for what you have, cause life could change in
heart beat & you never know what is to come. stay alert with the news.

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