Time for a GOOD laugh

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

These days we all need something to laugh at or about with the way 
Things are going around us: work, family, stress, confusion, media.
So this is a good place to hang out at, if you like jokes to put your 
Mind in a better mood & your day going a little better than it was.

Ignorance is bliss” My patient announced she had good news …
& bad, the medicine for my earache “WORKED, she said. I had 
To ask what’s the BAD news? She said it tasted HORRIBLE. 😱

Medical cat- astrophe” I prescribed an inhaler for a patient’s cat
allergy, he came back a week later Saying he was none the better 
Turns out he was spraying the cat with it 😱

Life goes on day by day” A doctor tells his wife “your a horrible 
Cook, you spend too much money, & your a lousy lover” 2 weeks 
Later he comes home & finds her with another man, so he asked
What’s going on here? She responded with getting a 2nd opinion.😱

I can see clearly now” Mr Harper sued the hospital saying that 
After his wife had surgery she lost interest in sex. A hospital 
Spokeswoman said Mrs Harper was admitted for cataract surgery.
All we did was correct her eyesight.😱

Are you ready to have some more good laughs? As you wish.

The BLUE TITLES will have links in them you can hit to open

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Hope this turned your day or evening around for the better 💓

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