Saving $ And Prepping

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Hello, glade to see you here, hope you Enjoy the content of this blog
I try to educate those that are interested in things as this to be ready
for what ever may arise in the path of life that we all live day to day.

Saving $ & Prepping for what ever life may throw at us from left field
can take us in no mans land real fast & leave you wondering WHAT to
DO?😱 So I always say, it’s never to late to start learning a head of time.

The Video LINKS will be in the BLUE titles, All you do is hit the title.
Saving $ is the 1st thing we have to wrap our heads around cause I
know that’s a HARD thing to do when you have so much to work with
but if you know how to think outside the box it CAN BE DONE.

These days with Biden in office there’s no telling what he will do next
if your hoping for life to go back to normal, them days are over sad to say.

So now it’s time to think outside the box & what options you can work
with to give you the freedom your looking for out of life on a budget
& be as cheap & frugal as you can living off grid or a in a bus CHEAP.

banks are on the verge of collapse

The Everything Bubble Burst!

Warning! Food inflation on the rise

How to Prep on a Limited Budget

How Do We Budget On An Irregular Income?

How Do We Save & Pay Debt Off ?

DO NOT Spend ALL of Your $

Off-The-Grid School Bus Conversion



7 Mistakes to Avoid Converting a Shed into a House

This next part will be on If You plan on any prepping
for the future with what’s going on around the world
& for what’s to come in a AFTER EFFECT of it all, yeah.

The way I found to prep for hard times is through the
food banks wish is a GOOD place to SAVE a lot of cash
just by saying you have 5 kids when you have NONE.

Yes I know that’s cheating but when it comes to food
& surviving & getting a head of the game before others
beat you to it you better learn how to think ahead.

A lot of people will tell you to do the STOCK market
don’t do that unless you REALLY KNOW what your
getting into cause you could lose EVERYTHING.

What Most Preppers Ignore

10 Things To Do Before The Stock Market Crashes

How to Survive the First 90 Days After the Collapse

How to Build 1 Year of Food Storage

How to dispose of human waste

Can’t Afford a Bug Out Location?

I hope this has been a big help for you to prepare
for what COULD & MAY happen in the future ahead
if you pay close attention to the news you’d know
that we are not protected from the government.

We have to be on the alert of what could be ahead
with food storage, water, shelter, ammo, security,
make a spread sheet to get it all in order if need be
sooner you get things in order the safer you’ll be.

If you need more information on this matter take
time to look on you tube, your library, or you can
just take the time to think about your own survival
needs & start with that & learn as you go with it.

I know i’s a lot to take in all at 1 time, but this list
may save your life in whatever scenario your in
just take your time & watch 1 video a day & take
all the time to learn ALL you can from each video
(in-blue) & learn from it everything you can.

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