Now what do we do?

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I don’t know about you on all of this, but I know there’s a lot of people
that feels the same way I do about what’s going on in the white house
with Biden in the white house & screwing everybody’s lives up DAILY.

I’m trying to save every penny I get to move to a better place & with
what Biden is doing is going to turn everyone’s life up side down &
put everyone in a panic zone with letting 1.000’s of immigrants in.

What do you think this is going to do to what resources we have now
not only that but their coming in with ALL KINDS OF God knows what
if you listen to this video you’ll see what I’m talking about I’m worried.
Newt Gingrich  immigration policy <the video is in the title’s just hit it

This is Democratic LA mayor  is spending OUR  $

Democrats losing minority voter

GOP lawmakers speak at US-Mexico border

 US/Mexico Border chaos

Former State Dept official warned Biden

Greg Kelly goes off on President Biden

FEMA deploys to US-Mexico border

new revelations on migrant facilities 

Now I have to ask you what are your thoughts on all of this B-S?
does this not get your blood boiling to hear what this SO SAY
PRESIDENT IS DOING not just a few people but EVERY LAST 1 of us.

What cross’s your mind on everything you have watched & heard
I can tell you what I’m thinking, it’s not what American people are
wanting or needs when there’s people living on the streets right now.

With as many immigrants that’s coming across the boarder we will
be the 1’s to suffer from its effects, if your looking to relocate to a
better place, or looking for a decent job or anything else you need.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for helping others but NOT when it’s going
to take from those that have been waiting for the SAME help they are
are doing without cause of how things have been going to get the help.

People I’m so lost with what will be next for our future I don’t know
what to do, cause from what I’m seeing right now it’s going to be BAD
we the “AMEICAN PEOPLE” will be pushed aside & left in the cold. 😞

This is why I have posted other stuff on here to warn EVERYONE to
pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the news no matter HOW BAD it is or even
sounds cause things like this will up set everything you do in life.

Here are some of the other post I’ve wrote along this subject of
how things are & some Good videos to watch on how to get
though this messed up situation Biden has put us ALL INTO.

Always be READY! If this don’t make you worry about what the
future will look like I have no clue what will, cause what Biden
is doing isn’t the way to handle what America is dealing with.

Thank You for stopping by & hanging out on here for a spell
I hope this was a help & you enjoyed the content of this post
I have other post on here as well movies, music, & a lot more.

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