lives Matters

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This is going to be our so called new nation if something don’t change 
Or happen with the so-called officials that’s SUPPOSE TO PROTECT 
AMERICA! ! ! That’s enough, the time is now <hit the title for the video.

I think those that don’t know what’s going on needs to be WARNED on 
What’s happening on other “new channelsNOT TELLING THEM about 
& to do my best to help those that’s concerned about the future for them.

So without further hold up’s, watch-listen-learn what is going on around 
Us ALL & by ALL MEANS share this with others online through emails &
Other sites to get the word out cause this affects EVERYONE around us.

GOP Senators visit migrant detainment facility at border < 👀 watch.
I can’t stress this enough, just from 2 videos I HOPE YOU WATCHED 
On why this is the very thing that’s NOT A LAUGHING MATTER this is 
Slap INSANE! ! ! Biden Administration policies this is NOT GOOD! ! 😱

I don’t know what you think about all this, but I can sure tell you what I 
Think & feel about it all & try to keep myself intact cause I’m Not happy 

If you really want to know you’ll 👀> Diamond and Silk are pissed
Did you HEAR what they both were saying about ALL this B-S? 💩
& hear how pissed they are? That & then some is how pissed I AM

People this isn’t funny, it’s not a joke, this is straight up TERRORISM !
I can’t express this any more than I have & if you don’t believe what 
You have heard & watched then I don’t know what else I  can do but 
Pray that God gets your attention some way before it’s too late.
😞NEW EARTHQUAKE Prophecy <👀 look in the word of God>a bible.

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