It’s time to think about the FUTURE

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The time has come to think OUTSIDE THE BOX, things have went off the wall 
people, l know what it’s like to be homeless & homeowner’s, so I’ve GAVE UP 
what do I mean to think outside the box? that can cover a lot of scenario’s.

Like for STARTERS Biden in office letting in ALL THE MIGRANTS 1.000’s a day 
not tested for the virus, not vetting them like Trump was doing, & opened the 
boarder to let god knows who in, now what do you think this is going to do?

I can tell you, it’s going to get real stupid real fast like & it’s not going to be funny
people are scrambling now to get prepared for what’s ahead in realization of the 
future they see coming & not in the next century but right around the CORNER. 

You may not take this serious now but you will after you take a good look at 
what I have been seeing & hearing & let me tell you a little secret, you got to 
stand for something or you’ll fall for anything got to be your own man, not a puppet.

All titles in BLUE in this blog is a video, just tap the title to get the video 👍

You got to stand for something this is just the starting part of this to get
the wheels turning after you watch the rest of the videos I have to share 
with you about how our nation is being flipped on it’s axes over time it’s not good.

Will you fight or surrender to the ‘woke mob

We all have been hearing a lot of scary stuff about the virus & the outbreaks going
on across the nation & it has some scared to go out of their homes cause of it all
& you can’t blame them for it cause this is the new movement the gov’t has going.

7 Critical Reasons to be Self-Sufficient

There’s a lot of people that are scrambling to find better places to live getting
away from the cities or a different state with the way things are going now &
people are down right beside them selves on what to do but I’m going to wait.

Everyone Leaving Big Cities

Why would I do that you ask? well that’s a good question, cause I don’t have 
the $ I need to just jump on a place right now & MAYBE in the next 3-5 yrs 
from now we may have what we are looking for & have the $ to get it with.

But right now everyone is in a frenzy like in panic mode buying everything 
up so I’m thinking once that slows down a bit maybe they’ll be a place for 
us to live & have things in order like we need to be all our ducks in a row.

I have been paying CLOSE ATTENTION to the news with everything going on 
it makes me very leary how things could go with the way things are now 
there’s a lot of talk but very little action to get things changed like they are.

As I sit & watch the news day after day just to keep up with what’s going
on & it’s not getting any better but WORSE & when things get worse people
goes just as nuts & just as FAST as well & it’s destroying our country.
1 million migrants to arrive at southern border

I hate to say this but if things don’t change soon REAL SOON we’re ALL 
going to be screwed blued & used, better known as we will be controlled 
by the Government & what their doing will effect every single person alive.
Panic Buying Sweep Across US

Me & hubby are working towards getting our finances in order to be out 
of debt as fast as we can, but being retired you only get so much $ to 
work with to keep the bills paid & buy what food we can to get by on.

But with what’s going on these days we’re getting ready for the s-h-t-f
day to arise & all hell breaks lose from the core of hell below to the sky’s
above to clash with the housing market crashing to the economy crumbling.
Economist Predicts ECONOMIC CRASH

When we get our $ in order & we’re out of debt where we can build on  
our savings a few yrs, to put some $ down on a place (vacant property)
& buy a decent size shed [16 X 40} turn it into a off grid living homestead.
‘Biggest Stock Market Crash Ever cheapest way to go so far.

But if we don’t have the $ for a shed we’ll have to come up with something
to live in till we can afford a shed, like a cheap camper of some sort cause 
what $ we have saved up will be mostly to buy the property we want 1st.

5 Signs a Nation is About to Collapse This is what’s going on today 
& how the future can & is being depleted & why MOST people are preparing 
for the future ahead from what people are used to before it all collapse.

We Need to be on our game when it comes to protection of our lives in times
like what we have been seeing & hearing, we are in a desperate crisis today
this is where you have to be very careful about where you go & do to be safe.


Times have changed not for the better but for the worst & the left has lost it
they trying to get rid of the police & our guns & our freedom of rights & speech
they have a agenda to change our very nation rather we like it or not 😞This
has a lot of interested facts & people that has something to say about it all.


So how are we preparing for the future? well we’re working on the 1st thing $
by saving what $ we can as much as we can every month & trying to come 
up with a low price tag for what land we can find to buy to make it OURS.

Then after we get the land, we’ll buy a cheap camper to live in till we can 
save up what $ we need for a storage shed big enough to call home & we
will have the 1st shed turned into the kitchen, dining room & living room.

Then once that’s done we’ll build or have 2 more sheds turned into 2 bdrms 
bathrooms & closets 1 on each side of the MAIN shed full length of the shed 
where the rooms will have plenty of room to not be so crowded & small.

I have a drawing of what I’m looking at I’m just worried hubby won’t be able 
to get it all done cause of his age & health when it all gets started for us 
I don’t know what I’ll have to do to see this through to complete the idea.

I may have to hire me some help to get it done & that’s going to cost $
I don’t have any 1 I can trust to help me when the time comes but I’ll do 
what I can to see it through 1 way or another cause this will be all I’ll have.
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Converting a Shed into a House

This isn’t a quick fix but it is affordable & a can do thing to have a place 
to call it a home but you have to be smart & do the research to get the 
right size for the comfort & space you want & how you want to live in.
the BIGGEST MISTAKES shed builders make

This will give you a good idea of which is better to think about before 
you really get started on what your going to live in & what it will cost 
to get it, this don’t include your own designed set up of your own.

Shed to House | Tiny House | Mobile Home | WHAT’S BETTER so you
see how the prices jump, BUT that’s cause they are already set up to
move in think along the line of YOU DOING YOUR OWN THING with it.

Or better yet think along the line of OMISH BUILT BARNS there better 
built, cheaper, & who doesn’t like better & cheaper these days when it 
comes to having a place to call home the way YOU WANT IT right? 👍
A better alternative than a shed to house

Going solar is a good way to go to save $ on your power bill if you 
want SOME GRID POWER for certain things you want or need to run 
like a deep freeze for meat & premade meals on the go type life.
Is Solar Worth It

Your going to need a septic tank & that you can do on your own too 
it’s not that hard Or expensive to do if you want to go as CHEAP &
simple as you can, so here’s how to think outside the box on that.
INSTALL Your OWN Septic Tank yes it’s a lot of work but worth it

If you go with a shed to home way here are some other things in
here you can think about, saving rain water for your use of laundry,
shower, washing dishes, water for pets, cooking & whatever else.
Rain Roof – Rainwater Harvesting

This is a cheap & easy way to filter your rain water for food & drinking
you don’t have to break the bank to have clean fresh free water to use 
this is why you do your research on things like this to have what you need.
Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid when Harvesting Rain Water

Did you know that you don’t have to have water to flush your toilet? yea 
& believe it or not you can use it in a compost 😱 say WHAT? yep I 💩
you not, check this out & listen to this … it’s LEGAL In MOST STATES. 👀
An inexpensive &  functional COMPOST toilet

So just with what videos you watched, any of this have you thinking
about these days you have to go as cheap as you can to survive & if
you watch any kind of news, I’m thinking of different ways of living

as this is what made me think about putting all the info in a blog.

You need a way to wash clothes, it can be just as cheap as doing your
rain water cheap & easy & not break the bank. simple as 1-2-3 done
easy peazy cheap way to wash rinse spin dry & hang & your done.
A Cheap and Easy DIY Washing Machine
with spin cycle no joke.

Now for the rest of the story of how to live from your property &
make $ doing it if your able… that’s raising farm animals & fish &
a easy to manage garden for veggies, on the right piece of property.
in the right location where farming is STILL the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.
How To Make Money Living in the Country

This video is a good way to think about what makes you happy &
not worry about everyone else, you come 1st & every 1 else comes 
next after you get your life in order like you want & need it to be.
5 Ways Our Life is BETTER Living OFF GRID

You may think this guy is off his rocker but he’s very much dead 
on the $ you have to learn to rely on yourself & get out of the RUT
stop putting things off & making excuses for your self & being LAZY.
Change Your Life in this Crazy Time

Well I think I have held you up long enough to maybe get you to 
thinking about everything you watched on all the videos I have on 
here to help you the best I can, the only way I know how to help. 

If you liked the blog & want to see more, leave a comment B-low

I wish you all the best in your future of life & I hope this helps you
somewhere down the road if it ever cross’s your mind to move in
the next 5-10 years after reading this blog that I hope helps some 1.💓

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