Love your Spouse


Your spouse is your rock, that will do everything they can for you 
Treat them like you do yourself, not like a stranger on the street 
Did you know that if you write them a love letter it changes things.

A love letter doesn’t have to be all mushy & crazy, you take the 
Time & think about what you love about your spouse & what 
Attracted you to them & what keeps you loving them like you do.

Love is a very special action that brings you closer to your spouse 
Love has a lot of good things that changes you both together in life 
Love can & will have it’s ups & down but it can be changed over time.

Songs is a good way to show your love for your spouse & if you go 
That way I can say that’s a EASY way to show your spouse your 
Serious about how much you really love them & changes your life.

Make a video & let them see it on the most important day of your 
Lives & that would be on your anniversary & at the end of the day 
You turn on the video you made for them & let them watch it alone.

Why alone? That gives them time to really think about what you had 
To say with your heart & it makes them think about everything you 
Said & they think about how to change their ways of treating you.

You may think this doesn’t work, but let me tell you, YES IT DOES 
It may not work on everyone but it’s a good thing to think about 
Doing after your 4th year of marriage & see what they do with it.

I want to share a short story with you on what helped us stay 
Together in marriage & why I say this can & does & will work 
For you like it has for me & after ALMOST 40 years of marriage.

Here’s the story of what me and my husband has gone through
from day one of our marriage,  being he was a truck driver over
The Road  for weeks at a time I’m coming home on weekends.

While he was out on the road making money I would stay at home
keeping the home front up  paying bills, cleaning house,  cleaning the 
yard, keeping everything up so when he came home  it was all done.

 Where all he had to do was sit back  and relax and rest up to go
Again,  better known as I left the weekends open for whatever he 
wanted to do, go fishing, go flea marketing, browse in stores, whatever.

As long as I knew he was happy while he was home that’s all I cared about
cuz I know what it took for him to be out on the road day after day night after
Night  and I knew he needed some relaxation and time to enjoy his  free time.

While he was out on the road I will take some time and  write a letter to him
and by the time I knew when he was coming home I’d mail it to his mailbox 
at work  cuz that would give him time to read it digest before coming home.

The only thing is when the time came for him to go back on the road again
for some off-the-wall reason unknown to me he would find a way to start 
Arguing  it never failed, it took me some time more like years  to get it.

I never understood why he would always start an argument just before leaving
he would make me so mad that I was just overwhelmed with it all,  it kept me confused and wondering  why I take the time to pour my heart out and stay.

After he retired  & we lost everything not long after that, we ended up  in a
one man camper, our sex life went to the pits, but we remained still together 
& still married,  over the years we moved out of state to Indiana 2008. 

We still wasn’t in  a good place we tried trusting a friend that backstabbed us
we tried other people to trust, they backstabbed us as well, talk about bad luck
it didn’t matter where we went, what we did, how we did it we got screwed.😞

But like I said things might not always work out like you planned but it can later
down the road many years from the day you started and after 40 years of marriage
and all the crap we have been through together we are in it for the Long Haul.

So no matter where your at, who you are with, overtime maybe years down 
the road,  things will turn out like you are looking for with the person you love
you have to be creative, think outside the box, and look for ways of change.

I would put the type of songs I used on here but be my luck they may not be 
Into that kind of music to listen to, but I’m sure you can find what songs will 
Change their way of thinking if you really know your spouse good enough.

I hope this is a help for someone out there that may be looking for some new 
Ideas of how to solve marriage issues, I’m not claiming to be a expert but I 
Can tell you what helped us stay together all these yrs & changed our future.

Thank You for stopping by Please hit the like & share this with somebody
you know in a rocky marriage or relationship you never know if it will help
& if there’s something you want to share please be my guest & share it.

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