life is changing B-4 our eyes

Hello There it’s nice to see you here I hope you find the content very interesting
Cuz what I have on here to share with you is very eye-opening from all walks of life
But before I go on I want to warn you you may not like what you see or hear.

Every title in this Blog has a video link in it, just tap the title, to watch the video
There’s a lot of videos on here they gave me the title to this blog and if you’re interested in politics and the Very souls of your lives of what’s to come, this is it.

There is a lot to cover in this blog, so if you are into videos & politics stay tuned
But before you start watching the videos I put on here, I just want to say first off
Every video on here I have watched fully FROM start to ending so it’s not fake πŸ‘.

This 1st video is 1hr15 mins but WELL WORTH THE TIME, cause what this person
is saying is on EVERYONE’S MINDS that have kids in BAD NEIGHBORHOODS!! & in
TODAY’S WORLD that’s a SAD PLACE TO BE, with violence, drugs, crooks, gangs.😞
I AM AFRAID <this person doesn’t pull no punches he’s straight up & to the point.

This video will make you think about what’s REALLY going on behind the curtains
not only do you hear what they are talking about BUT what is in the Pandora box?
that their Not saying? think outside the box & between the lines & from your gut.
Something is going on <Biden said in he would fake a sickness in other videos.

We are in a war that if SOMETHING isn’t done we are going to be sorry & lost on
what to do & what’s next & who can we rely on to get us all through this mess its
not going to be funny, listen real close & pay close ATTEN at what this is saying
Rick Scott warns backlash is coming <you can share this with others if you want.

This happens everyday in someone’s neighborhood across the nation at some
point you have to ask your self what are these people on or are they possessed
with pure EVIL? 😈 If You Are INTO THE WORD OF THE BIBLE it talks about this very thing here. 16 Year Old Girl Shot By Columbus PD JUSTIFIED! <what’s bad is good

This right here is what’s going on behind the curtains & it needs to STOP 4-GOOD!
they did everything they could to get trump out of office over the same SH!T & it
failed, to come & do the VERY THING THEY ACCUSED Trump of doing W-T-H? πŸ‘½
Maxine Waters is ‘very dangerous <like I said earlier what’s bad is good & so on.

I don’t know how you think about what you have watched already on here here’s
my say this from my point of view, what I see is it’s not going to be a tea party if
the “GOVT” gets rid of ALL our POLICE ? I don’t think it’s going to to be very SAFE.
There’s a war on cops we’ve lost a lot of them already in SO MANY WAYS.

Time to wake up & learn what we have going on with our GOV’T In OFFICE πŸ‘½
this is what will cause a MAJOR UPSET across our very nation & lives to the
CORE, if your not awake by now you better get ready to be AWAKE very SOON.
Charlie Kirk has a message < VISION what you just heard this guy say on here.

Remember what I said earlier about knowing the book of God? well this is just
what I am talking about right here & you put everything you have listened to on
here to what is being said in this video all together & you come up with a
reckoning. Countdown to the Apocalypse< >The Book Of Revelation

I’m going to give you a break to let all this sink in & share it with other people
if you have other social medias you may be on to get them woke up to what’s
going on that their not hearing on their side of the world, people need to know.

And just when you think things were going to get BETTER things turn for the
worse to give the world the fears they never thought could be POSSIBLE 😱
😞This is why it Pays to listen to the news & do your research on it all ASAP!
the new world order < >New World Order (conspiracy theory) 😱 this IS REAL.

People, it’s time to take your head out of the sand & stop trusting everything
you hear from the FAKE NEWS, & If you Don’t Know WHO They are I can help U
with that, the research I do is from those I “gut trust” you have internet Use IT!

Thank you for stopping by & taking part in sharing this with others, hope to
see you again on the other posts I have on here, it’s not all about gloom &
doom I have a movie blog on here & a music blog & other interesting blogs.

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