BAD KIDS do bad things

Photo by August de Richelieu on

In TODAY’S WORLD we have to teach our young society right from wrong at
a YOUNG AGE the younger the better, spoiling them makes it WORSE, babying
them isn’t good, from the age 3 on up, do your SOUL SEARCHING & if you need
to go to school for it GO! learn as much as you can B-4 having ANY KIDS B-smart.

I’m going to show you some videos that will make you think TWICE about having
kids B-4 your ready & hope that it sticks with you till the time is RIGHT to THINK
about having kids in TODAY’S SOCIETY the way things are going in our times now.

Montgomery County Police involving 5-year-old <this has to be watched to learn
this is what happens when you just let them go & not get engaged with them at
every level of their lives, your not being nosy, or a busy body but a PARENT.

Kids Behind Bars <I have 3 boys & thank God they didn’t go down this road in life
cause I put a FAST STOP to it B-4 they even got the chance with watching the news
at a young age they didn’t get no tech stuff back in the 70’s & I kept them BUSY.

Jamarion Lawhorn Trial Sentencing < This is why we have laws for bad kids today
put yourself in this parents place what would you be thinking & feeling hearing
a trial about your kid that killed another kid (9 yrs old) premeditated MURDER!

Kids Treat Mom as a Doormat < This is a Good WAY to learn about raising kids the
way they NEED TO BE RAISED & it STARTS with the PARENTS at home everyday &
you have to put your foot down & stop compromising, change things around.

So the end result would be to get a GOOD jump on the matter B-4 IT STARTS &
it gets out of control & something happens that you can’t change like they get
old enough to join gangs or go & hurt or kill someone or get killed themselves.

2 teenage girls are OUT OF CONTROL <this is what happens when they get older
See when you have things going on in your life that takes time from your kids
guess what? you end up with results like this OR worse they end up DEAD. 😞

I hope this was a wake up call for those just having kids & learn it’s a 24-7 job
not anyone else but the 1 that made them at the start (having sex) too YOUNG
& thinking mama will help or take care of it for you NO! you made it, it’s yours.

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