“Signs of the times”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

People, rather you realize it or not times are changing FAST & BAD
there’s things going on that we NEVER thought could happen in our  
LIFETIME & now it’s HERE, wars in Israel, gas shortage, job losses ext.

The list just keeps GROWING day by day week by week & why is 
that? Well, that’s a GOOD question, look WHO is IN OFFICE 😞 
that says it ALL in a nutshell, he has NO CLUE what he’s DOING.

We didn’t have this mess going on in our nation till?? Got in office. 
We didn’t have all this hardship & pain & fear & nonsense going on
we had jobs, we had happiness, we had PEACE across the nation. 

People, this is why we HAVE to be VERY MINDFUL of what is 
going on cause It’s NOT going to get better but very much WORSE 
I get the saying we have to pray but we have to PREPARE as well. 

Hamas, Israel trade blows   “WARNING graphic images” so sad. 😞
I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to understand THIS
Could be OUR NATION under fire with JAPAN if this keeps up &
I’m not trying to scare you, but if you think about it watch the NEWS!

Israel attack destroys Gaza residential tower this isn’t a movie, it’s REAL.
This is why I  write the blogs I do to warn people of what’s going on &
It’s up to you to take HEED to take action to protect your loved 1’s &
Yourself & prepare for the worst & PRAY for the best it’s your life.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying maybe you’ll learn from what other
People are saying about what’s going on cause we’re not ALL in the sand
Or have our heads up our butts 💥 I’m just saying, stop learn & LISTEN.
Israeli actions work ‘against’ solution to crisis <this is the REAL WORLD.

I’ll add more on here when I get more to add on here, but for now this
will be it & by ALL means please SHARE this & leave your thought’s in
the reply area b-low cause we are ALL in this together, we all matter.

Bring your friends & family to share & engage with what you are seeing
sharing is caring, & love is power, lets bring more people together not
tare us apart, the more we share the better people can learn more. 👍

Thank you for stopping by & hitting the like tab & sharing this with others
we can’t learn if we don’t share & engage together right? hope to see you
again on some other blogs I have on here, take time to browse the site. 👀

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