Weighing the odds

Weighing the odds covers a lot of things in life, rather it be something to
do with water, or a job, your family, your very piece of mind, it all comes
to weighing the odds at some point & time just like we all have choices.

This has to do with a little of your peace of mind, stress, taking some time
to get the peace of mind you haven’t had time to get in a long time to get
DE-stressed, & water has a LOT to do with just that, it’s the BEST way to relax.

Now what does weighing the odds have to do with all of it? very good question
weight the odds in how you like to relax, take some time to yourself, & time to
think things out, you can do that in takin time to sit by a lake or go fishing or
just have a pond to watch the fish swim in the water & that sooths the mind.

Now what if you don’t have a place where you can just sit & watch the fish or
where you can go fishing? another great question… then the NEXT best thing
is to make your own IF you have the space for you to do it & you really want 1.

Here I will give you a FEW options you can think over & decide if it’s what you
really want to do just to unwind & relax & take some stress off your mind &
get your self in the zone of letting things go & enjoying life the easy way.

We’ll start off with just relaxing & enjoying the nature god intended for us
with just finding that right place where all you do is just find a place to rest
& find the inner peace that we ALL long for in our lives when things are crazy.

World’s Most Beautiful Backyard Ponds <Just tap the title to watch the video.
after you watch this you will be looking around your yard to see IF you could
place some kind of pond in your yard, cause the sound of water is relaxing.

what size your pond & how many gallons <This will help you decide on what
size pond & pump you will want when the time comes to make your own
little oasis to just relax & enjoy what nature has to offer you to enjoy life.

Selecting The Right Pump< This is always a must think about task when it
comes to putting your own pond together to bring it to life like you want
it does the the job when it comes to sound, flow, & quality of the pond.

How To Pick The Right Pump For Your Pond This will help you on what type
of flow you want for your pond that you make & how big it will be for the
fish & the pond to thrive year after year with VERY little work to do to it.

Build a Small Pond The size is ALL UP TO YOU & what you want to enjoy
it can be a small pond, a med size pond, or a pond that takes up the yard
it all lays in your hands of just what you can & want to have for a pond.

Koi vs Goldfish Which to Choose This is the next to ALMOST the last task
you have to choose & it all is in your hands on which to choose after it’s
all said & done to sit back & enjoy the fruits of your labor after it’s done.

How to build a bait pond to keep bait healthy This is a short sure way to
keep bait fish if you 1 that likes to go fishing & want some bait fish in
your pond that you can enjoy to watch & still get that relaxing time.

armored sucker mouth catfish This you MAY want to think about in how to
keep that extra cleaning done in your pond, just remember what they are
& what they do when putting them in your pond rather or not to add them.

SECRET to a CRYSTAL CLEAR POND This is a good way to keep your pond clean
along with your other things he talks about on how to keep the pond eco friendly
it’s not as hard as you would think to do what needs to be done with a diy pond.

Pond Oxygenating Plants This will be a way to get more oxygen into the pond
& you don’t REALLY have to put them (IN) the pond but in a BOG container for
the pond so the fish don’t eat your plans like they are known for doing at times.

Pond Plants & Water Plants Tips there are a VERITY of pond plants you can put
IN your pond or in a BOG pond container just so the plants can do their job of
keeping the pond in the right setup for the fish you tend on putting in the pond.

diy swirl filter cheap & easy This you can make from a trash can or a 55 gal drum
the bigger you go with it the LESS you have to maintain it, other than a good flush
out every so often, like depending on how many fish you have & how dirty it gets.

maintenance on the diy swirl filter this is how simple a pond filter can be to break
down & clean & you seen the setup he had going & what the water looked like &
how often he said he flush’s it out so it’s not that hard to have a enjoying pond.

So I hope this helps you decide on what you want for a pond in your life of a
relaxing enjoyment day after you have had a stressful day at work or home or
whatever the case may be to just go & unwind & relax for a few hrs in peace.

Thank you for stopping by & hanging out on the blog & if there’s anything you’d
like to see in my blogs please feel free to drop a comment a like & share & if you
enjoy what you have seen so far, hit the follow tab & get updates on all my blogs.

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