{DIY} Bait Tanks

saving your bait fish

For those that love to fish with live bait or cut bait, this will be just the blog
for you, this will give you all the tips & tricks & help you can have on keeping
them alive, with DIY bait tanks that can be made cheap & easy to do just that.

Bait tanks can be ANY size, but the bigger the better so they have plenty of space
to swim & not crowd each other, just remember the more fish the bigger the tank
the MORE circulation they have to have & the bigger the filter system they’ll need.

The Videos you will see on here will be in the Titles in BLUE just hit the title to πŸ‘€
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Install and Use Ad Blocker for videos <just hit the title & you can πŸ‘€ how it’s done.

Here are all the ways you can make your very own bait tank for the fish you catch
Homemade bait tank
DIY Bait Tank
How easy to make a bait tank
Minnow Tank Build DIY
DIY Bait Tank & Bucket Filter
Keeping Bait Fish Alive

Well that’s all there is on this topic, this should give you some Ideas on how to
make a live bait tank of your own with all the info, tips & tricks there is to know
just remember to make sure you have some kind of food for them rather it be
live minnows-shiners-chubs or some kind of fish flakes or pellets that FLOAT.

Here’s a little tip I learned from keeping bait fish alive & that’s IF you have some
kind of tank with a filter system to keep the water clean & start them on fish
food for like a week then put them in the bait tank they will do a lot better.

I’ll go into what kind of Fish you can put in a bait tank which is > small bass
small perch-drum-minnows-pan fish-bluegill-brim-sun fish-chubs-sm carp
as long as it’s FRESH water not salt water & have food & a filter & they’ll do
fine & lets not forget to change the water every so often that helps as well.

Thank you for stopping by & checking out the blog, if there’s anything I missed
please leave it in the comments & I’ll be glad to answer it, take some time to
look at the other blogs I have on here as well, there may be something else you
may be interested in take care & have a blessed day.

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