Raising Bait fish

Photo by Ion Ceban @ionelceban on Pexels.com

To raise fish you eat you have to have feeder fish for food & 
to have Bait fish you have to have a big enough tank  for them
to have feeder fish you have to have a place to raise them.

To have all this work together you have to be smart about it
1s things 1st, fish need water. that means you have to have
some kind of a container big enough to put them in. 👍

Never jump into something without having all your facts together
but then again sometimes you have to jump in something to learn
how to do what you’re doing and make it work the way you want it.

So to save you the hassle of doing what I’m doing to learn from
I’ll give you the information I’m doing and save you all the hard 
Work,  well until it’s time for you to get into doing what I’m doing.

1s things 1st you need a container or your feeder fish to raise
2nd  thing is your feeder fish you want egg layers or you want 
live  bearers Which means fish that have live  fry  and not eggs.

In my opinion, it would be best to have live bearers, That would be
Mollies and Guppies, But not together in the same tank you raise 
Together, but the thing is they BOTH eat the live fry they have
So it’s best if you separate the breeds if you want BOTH breeds.

I have raised BOTH & had a Big success with  Guppies but not so 
good with Molly or platys endlers is a guppy breed fish but they are
too small for big fish to fill up on  a  4 lb Bass will eat  10 Guppies a day.

So if you want to raise both  at one time it would be best to start out 
with a 55 gallon tank per breed  of fish,  this way they don’t get too
overcrowded too fast,  where you have to upgrade the tank later on.

Once you get a full overloaded 55 gallon tank full of feeder fish
that will be a good start, cuz then you can Set up another tank and
pull out all the extra fish Except for the breeders you want to keep.

Put all the extra fish  in the 2nd tank  raise them as feeder fish  it’s
a good idea to pull the fry before they go into breeding age, are you
could just let them grow out till you see who’s the male and female.

Then just pull out all but a few males & leave the females  to have
more fry,  cuz you will  surely need all you can raise to feed your
Food fish  when it comes to feeding, cuz they can eat a lot of fish.

So the more feeder fish you can raise less money you will have to 
Spend to buy feeder fish, &  the bigger tank you can raise your 
feeder fish in the more feeder fish you can feed your food fish.

Now you see how that works, the biggest tank I would go with once 
I got started good,  would be 110 gallon stock tank  with a filter
Container to overflow into The stock tank to raise your bait fish in.

DIY Pond Filter Made EASY From Trash Can <This is a 110 gallon stock tank
and being the way he started his is way different than the way I did mine
but this will give you a good idea on how to set one up easily and cheaply.

One thing about doing your own stock pond DIY Thing is if you really  put
your mind to it there’s no end to where you can take it go big or small
better known as sky’s the limit, you can add one Pond & another if you want.

The main thing you want to keep in mind is do your research as in watch a 
lot a videos on the subject  matter at hand before starting anything cuz
just jumping on a project like this will cost you more than you want to pay.

This is one of my stock ponds that I have inside the cabin, some of the goldfish 
I just started just before winter middle of last year which eventually I’m going 
To redo the filter system  that I have on it now to what I have on the other 1
MY stock pond of goldfish (Inside) < tap the title to 👀video.

I got some of my goldfish from a fish store, & some I got from a BAIT store
CHEAPER than a fish store & you can trade fish for credit & that helps too
But to raise  fish to eat, & raise bait to feed them fish takes effort & thought.

Here is a few videos on the matter of catching & raising Bait fish  how it’s done
Catching, growing and keeping creek Chubs and minnows 
Keep Bait Alive ALL Winter Long! This is a GOOD filter system to use on a GOOD
size or small pond-stock tank BEST DIY BIO SWIRL FILTER EVER with the FOOD
fish I have outside in a 110 gal stock pond, I HAVE A 55 gal DRUM cut in  ½
(top to bottom) & have a GRAVEL system on it WITH a 1450 gal per hr PUMP
running the set up. 👍

What do I mean by a GRAVEL filter? Well it can be MADE like what the LAST
Video you seen done, BUT with starting with a plastic filter MAT (cut to fit) 
Then gravel on top of THAT, med size rocks & lava rock to collect tank waste 
you need a strong basket to hold the weight Of your rocks DEPENDING on 
HOW big your container filter is, to what size TANK for the fish you have.

The 1st 11 mins  of this video gives you the BASICS of a UNDERGROUND
Filter system rundown that pretty much explains the WHOLE CONCEPT of
What an underground filter is GOOD for, 👍 Why are under gravel filters used?

There is a WIDE range of diy filter research on what you can do for ANY
Size tank you going with it, all starts from you, & your AMBITION to do it
& you will be rewarded by the thought & hard work you done to get it going.

This is a good way of doing your own diy underground filter for a tank that
Would work on a stock tank to keep it clean for your food fish you eat cuz
the CLEANER the water the BETTER the fish taste when you want 1 or 2.

Custom Under gravel filter > diy gravel filter start-finish this is my
set up just without all the extra plumbing he has with his well that’s all 
for now good luck on your tanks, hope this helps you out with yours.

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