Things in life we learn

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I thought about the life I have had in 63 yrs & there have
been a lot of things in that life time I have learned about
& I never thought the life we’re living now is upside down.

We Need to keep up with everything that’s going on daily
cause we never know what will be next to be ready for &
try to make the most of it the best we can at the time.

Life is the most important thing to protect @ ALL COST
& when you’re a kid back in the 60’s life was all about
fun, & learning & the future & now that’s all changed.

Now its about what the government is going to do to
us next for us to deal with & think we’ll just flip on a
dime & go along with it & not have a problem with it.

WRONG! ! we’re not robots & we’re not that stupid to
fall for all the shenanigans their TRYING TO PUSH to
make what THEY WANT not what the PEOPLE want.

I get listening to all the B-S that’s in the news today
is off the charts of how people live their lives by
THEIR STANDARDS & not by how we want to live.

Just to give you some heads up on what their doing
& what their talking about on how their KILLING our
very nation that has been red white & blue USA ! ! !

To watch the videos I’ve been hearing about what’s
going on with the ? government in office right now
just tap the BLUE bold title & tell me your thoughts.

defund the police what is your thoughts on this?
Biden is still held hostage what do you think?
Internet LAUGHS at Psaki press conference
Biden floats executive order restraining big business
Joe Biden has ‘surrendered’ our energy
Dems ‘spending way above our means
America, Can We Talk?
Liberal city crackdown on gun owners
This is just a SHORT LIST of what’s going on in our
world as of 2021 COMPARED to what TRUMP was
doing for the world & every 1 moaned & groaned.

The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency
This is what being a REAL PRESIDENT is ABOUT
this ? person that’s is president NOW has no clue
on what he’s doing & has no sense of the outcome.

What Did President Biden Do In His First 100 Days?
Do you think Biden has measured up to what Trump
did in his 100 days? I have to say NO! he has made
our lives 50 times WORSE & we have to live with it.

This has to be Changed In a DRASTIC WAY ASAP! !
Trump says he made up his mind about running
Biden’s ‘weak’ performance on the world stage
Trump SLAMS Biden & Democrats for crisis
Taylor Greene calls for Biden’s IMPEACHMENT

I hope this has made you think about what we
with B
in office, & what we need to do to CHANGE IT.

We have to STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS, we have
have to fight for our FREEDOM @ ALL COST.

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Thank You for popping on here share this with others
to get the world REUNITED & BACK TO WHERE we can
put all this mess behind us & start a NORMAL LIFE.

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