It’s been 1 of those weeks

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We all have days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed right?
well it’s been a WHOLE WEEK & it’s enough to pull your hair
out “That’s why I keep my hair super short” but SOMETIMES! !

it ALL STARTED when I decided it was time to get some new
cabinets for the kitchen, across town a FEW MILES well we
got ALMOST THERE & we stopped to get some gas & BAM! 😞

Hubby turns off the van & seen he was to far from the pump
went to back up & that was the end of our trip of what we
was GOING TO DO, So we did what we thought was right.

We took the starter off replaced it & thought that was IT
nope got 3 miles down the road she DIES AGAIN ? now what?
so okay so it’s got to be the ALTERNATER so we go get 1.

Well we put it on it doesn’t work W-T-H? so we take it back
the guy says he has to order 1 be there in a few hrs (2) SO
instead of going BACK HOME (30) miles we stay in town.

2 & 1/2 later we come to get the new alternator & be on
our way simple easy OH HECK NO! the guy says sorry but
the store didn’t have it so THEY ORDERED 1 to be sent.

Are you freaking serious! πŸ’₯ this can’t be happening
so NOW with buying the starter THEN the alternator it’s
not going anywhere, so all was left was a TOW HOME.

$350.00 later after the tow back, & the 2 parts we got
we call around to get some local advice & was told to
get a voltage regulator so we get 1 of those & NOTHING!

All in the span of 4 days 400$ in the hole & haven’t
got what we started out to do & NOW we can’t afford
to get it at all till NEXT YEAR, time to go Back to BED.

We’ve come to the conclusion, this is going to be a
shop bill to find out what the problem is & what
it’s going to cost to fix it & if we can afford it. 😞

It’s our fishing van as well as our hauling van so
when she’s down we can’t do anything till she’s
running & that’s going to be a while I’m afraid.

So that only means 1 thing, that is, I have to do
some magic thinking about what needs to be
done all within the next FEW MONTHS (6 mos).

Wish me luck & take a stroll through the other
blogs I have on here you may just find a few
that will grab your interest you never know.

Thank You hope to see or hear from you again
take care, be safe, stay alert, & pray for humanity.

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