OUR LUCK is running OUT

Photo by Alesia Kozik on Pexels.com

How do you plan for the future when you can’t see 1? How do you look ahead
When what you’re looking at has nothing good coming out of it to plan for?
We’ve tried to stay positive & live within our means but that’s not working.

We have been put through the ringer for the past 30+ yrs & still keep going
But now we’re in our mid 60’s & 70’s & we feel like the window of our future
Has passed us by, to find us a better place to call home from where we are.

We had a awesome place in Fla back in the day, but when the housing market 
crashed it stole our dreams right out from under us & left us on the streets &
We put our “TRUST” in a (FRIEND) just to be ripped off & lied to & now this.

We got shafted by people every step of the way we have tried to get a place 
To live till we finally settled on the place we are now & now it’s about paid 
off & not worth it to sell because of a lot of reasons on why it won’t sell. 😢

With how the “GOV” has put people in a MAJOR BIND since he got in office 
There’s a lot of people that have lost hope & their dreams of a better future 
With higher prices on everything & has put everyone in a BAD SITUATION. 😞

Just to give you some ideas of what I’m talking about here’s a few videos 
To listen to & then you may be able to feel like we do & see why we feel 
The way we do about why we feel like we’ve lost hope of a better future.

To watch the videos, hit the titles B-low, & read the comments as well
Why You Should Stockpile Food Right Now
They Warned Us

With what you watched, what would you think If you were on a fixed income
& at the age we are that’s looking to get a better place to call home for life?
If that doesn’t make you think like we are right now I bet this sure will.
2021 HOUSING MARKET PREDICTIONSHousing Bubble Set to Pop

We had the thought to buy a piece of property & a decent size shed
To convert it into a house to call home for us as a cheaper way to go 
But from the way property & prices & the economy is going, that’s out.

Renting isn’t it either cause we’ve been there as well & got shafted 
So what do you do when everything is going crazy & off the wall ?
& the place you’re in isn’t worth living in & the odds are against you.

The same thing that we have been thinking NOTHING but yet time is 
Passing you by day by day & things are getting worse by the day to 
where you have no choice but to give up all hope for the future.😢

If you have ANY IDEAS that you would try please let me know cause
I’m out of ideas other than just living in a tent on some property
we’re not 1’s to give up hope but with the way things are right now?

Thank You for stopping by & hanging out a spell hope to see you
again on other blogs I have on here & share your thoughts as well
as the blogs with others you may think is interested in reading them.

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