America is off Course

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Lord HELP US ALL! ! 😒 united we STAND, DEVIDED WE FALL, So true
people you really need to get your life right & in order because 🚽’s
going to HIT THE FAN & don’t take this as a joke but VERY SERIOUS.

I’ve been KEEPING my eyes on what’s going on & lets wrap this
around everyone’s mind, that our very united state is @ a HIGH
alert status of attack from ALL ANGLE’S… THINK I’M JOKING? NO!

You like taking chance’s with your life? ? or any family members
that you associate your self around? then this may not be for you
but for those that really care what’s happening with our very lives.

if you haven’t had the time to pay CLOSE ATTENTION you had
Better MAKE THE TIME cause our lives will be turned UPSIDE

I’m not someone that doesn’t have a life that watches news
everyday every hr. on the hr, but I am 1 that likes to be aware
just like I would THINK EVERYONE SHOULD BE at this time.

I have a LOT to unload on what all is happening with EVERY 1
across the nation, but before I really get into all the craziness
make your self something to drink & bring a good snack too.

So lets get on with how things like we have NEVER THOUGHT
could happen is now the mainstream of conversation across
the world & how our very lives are at stake by the GOV’T’S.

1st off I want you to read this & wrap your mind around it
vision what your reading, cause this is not a joke but LIFE
as people are starting to get the CONCEPT of our very LIVES.

We now know the greatest threat to the United States is
the occupation of Marxist Democrats in the White House.
We now know Joe and Hunter has sold out the United
States to the CCP, Russia, because of the crimes
committed by Biden they could expose, as well
as laundering money thru Hunters Art.
We now know some counties in different states
conspired, and carried out voter fraud, in order to
subvert the 2020 presidential election, and others.
We now know the people of FBI, NSA, CIA, Hillary,
committed perjury to Congress (felonies), and their
still not locked up. We now know the White House
has been colluding with face book to deny Americans
freedom of speech. We now know the FBI, CIA, are
enemies and co-conspirators, to fraud, and the over
throw of a duly elected President.
We now know the media, Communist Democrats, RINO
Republicans, deep state, think the people of the
United States are fools, and will believe what ever we
are told to believe. We now know the main stream media
has been lying to everyone, to gain an advantage for the
Communist Democrat Party. We now know the Biden’s
administration is flooding the USA with illegal immigrants,
with many covid-19 positive that will be dependent on the
tax payer, just to gain votes. We now know about John Kerry’s
betrayal, and the rest of the traitors, and seditionist. We now know
who the globalist Republicans (RINOs) are, and their agenda
to assist in a one world government. We now know this
country was on the eve of destruction & look at it now.
We now know if we unite together we can defeat the
enemy among us. ONLY The STRONG Will SURVIVE! !
AMERICA IS FALLING in front of our very eyes SO SAD😒

This is what people get when they believe everything
the Democrats said to BUILD BACK BETTER will be good
well is what your seeing & hearing better? or even GOOD?

PEOPLE if we don’t wake up & start paying attention it’s
no 1’s fault but our own & will be wishing we had of &
it’s going to be too late & there’s nothing any 1 can do.

I’m going to put videos for you to watch on here & I HOPE
that you will share with your family & friends cause as it’s
said, caring is sharing & this is VERY IMPORTANT to share.

# 1 πŸ“Ί> Let’s Talk About It <πŸ‘€This person is 1 I watch most
the time cause he goes out in the mist of the craziness that’s
going on & he takes calls on his show to just talk about it

# 2 πŸ“Ί> Americans becoming pessimistic This was 6 mons
of Biden in office & what he has done in that time on all
of AMERICANS, I can’t help but to say we’re going extinct.

# 3 πŸ“Ί> White Democrats Secret Weapon This is a person
that is really good to listen to, what he is saying about how
things are changing around every 1’s lives at this day & age.

# 4 πŸ“Ί> concerns over 2,700 page infrastructure bill This is
so INSANE on just how we are being treated by the gov’t in
office where we don’t have a life like we USE TO HAVE anymore.

# 5 πŸ“Ί> COVID-positive migrants was predictable Sorry if
this isn’t your news you watch, but this is very important of
just how we the people of America is being pushed out.

# 6 πŸ“Ί> SHE’S DANGEROUSLY CORRUPT, This is why people
are screaming to get who’s corrupting our lives & nation &
don’t care how they do it no matter what it takes to do it.
# 7 πŸ“Ί> You voted for this when you voted for Biden This
is everything in a NUTSHELL that’s coming in every 1’s
lives with the fake lies your GOV’T TOLD AMERICA. 😒

I HAVE a lot more to share with you & it would make your
head fall off screaming MAKE IT STOP, I CAN’T TAKE NO MORE
but I’ll SPARE you from that, cause I know it’s breath taken.

I’ll make a # 2 to share the rest of the destruction of America
by the very SOUL TAKING PRESIDENT we have in the white
house that’s killing & destroying the American people.

So for now PLEASE share this to every 1 you can & know
cause like I said sharing is caring & we need to be aware
of what’s going on & what’s ahead of ALL of us in America.

Thank You for stopping by & checking out my blogs, I hope
that it doesn’t upset the rest of your day, but I HAD TO get
this out to people that aren’t getting the message they need.

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