America is off Course (pt-2)

Photo by Markus Spiske on

I should have titled this America is DOOMED after the 1st blog
if you haven’t seen that blog yet then I’ll do you the honors
America is off Course pt-1 < tap this & take a good look at why.

People we’re in such a state of fear, worries, stress, uncertainty
of which way this nation is heading we don’t have a CLUE of how
to be ready for what the future holds, the way things are right now.

As if part 1 wasn’t enough to jar your minds into W-T-F? do we do?
this part 2 ought to really shake your mind into left field somewhat
cause what I have been hearing isn’t what any Americans voted for.

I hope you have got everything done that you wanted to get done
cause this may take a bit to watch all I have put on here for you
the videos are IN THE TITLES that is bold & in blue just tap & šŸ‘€.

Brian torches Afghanistan America UNSAFE

Biden’s Afghanistan DISASTER

Who are the Taliban?

Biden ‘truly owns’ Taliban victory

A Stain On The Reputation Of The USA’

Biden rushed troops out of Afghanistan for 9/11 symbolism

The surrender of American Forces

Mitch McConnell-exclusive reaction

warning about Biden’s ‘alarming’ mental capacity

news conference on Biden and Pelosi

I hope that this will be shared with others from word
press, to you tube, to face book, twitter, share it all over
to as many people as you can, don’t forget emails too.

Thank You for stopping by hope you found this interesting
to want to watch all the videos cause they ALL HAVE what
the news media isn’t telling you & the American people.

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