What do you do?

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

What do you do when you can’t do anything else?
I am at a loss, on what to do or who to talk to on what 
I’m trying to get done, I have tried everything I know
to do what needs to be done and getting nowhere. 

The two main things I’m trying to do at one time  isn’t 
going the way I Was hoping it would, So now I am on
A very strict Mission to get either both done or 1 Or
The other Done, Which would be nice if I got both Done.

I’m guess you’re wondering what is it I’m trying to 
get done? 1 is trying to get the deed to this place
2 Trying to get another place to live away from this
place, you would think those 2 things would fly.

But like everything else in my life nothing goes Easy
I have to kick, scream, holler, claw, scratch, Beg cry
& even after all that I still can’t get nothing done
I don’t get why it’s so hard to understand what I’m 
trying to do, It’s like they can’t understand English.

I’ve be lied to So many times in everything I’ve tried 
to get done, I’m at the point I’m ready to give up! 😢
But then 1 thing about me is that I’ll never give up 
I’m not a quitter, I’m a doer, you Can’t get nothing 
done if you quit what you’re doing, Do you agree ?

Giving up is not an option in life, doing what needs 
to be done & not stopping until the task at hand has 
Been completed, you can then go on to Other things.

But when you’re on two missions at one time because 
they go hand-in-hand, You can’t give up on a either one
I need pay this place off  so I can get the deed to it &
Sell it to my next door neighbor so he can have it.

#2 Try and work on getting another place is a bigger task
people don’t seem to want to take you serious on  what
you’re telling them And all they say is I’ll call you  Back
So you wait & wait & wait until three or four days later 
& no 1 calls you back & You call them, you get no response?

I’m sure other people have had to deal with this sort of thing
in life, I know I have more than I want to admit & doing it again
Hoping this time it will give us a better place to live & call home
Because where we are now there isn’t nothing good about it 😢

I’ve called the people I needed to talk to, I’ve been VERY PATIENT
I’ve went to the court house to get what info I could on what I’m
trying to get done, I’ve done everything I can think of to do this
& it’s like all I’m doing is running into brick walls over & over.

Now I’m at a stand still on what to do next if there is anything
else I can do that I haven’t done so that puts me going in circles
where I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels going NOWHERE! !

Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Start Really Living! < 📺<Video
Thank You for stopping by & hanging out on here, maybe you
can share your thoughts on this topic or any other topics I
have on my blogs, just scroll down to respond on here is all.

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