Writing blogs in your own words

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

When it comes to writing you have your own way of saying things
your own way of thinking as well, blogs are the same thing that
you put into words for other people to engage in & enjoy doing.

Writing is a good stress reliever believe it or not, you express
your own thoughts & you open the life line to others as well
you never know who might show up on your blogs to read.

So don’t change who you are & don’t be afraid to be open
with your thoughts cause there are all kinds of people in
the world you could connect with, just be yourself & write.

Write about what’s on your mind, write about the news or
what is going on in your state, town, city even your mind
the floor is open on what you want to write about or say.

No 2 blogs are the same & 1 blog from another isn’t better
than the other, people aren’t perfect, we’re all different in
writing, so be yourself & just have fun in what you enjoy.

Here are some things that may be interesting to write about
& even put videos on your blogs cause some people like to
watch videos than reading cause they can relate better too.

THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT Think outside the box always helps

Most Beautiful Waterfalls
funny animals videos
Animals never fail to make us laugh
cat videos
CATS will make you LAUGH
videos that make you wonder about
15 Unexpected Moments
What’s good with videos is people can “watch them
& get their minds off their troubles & enjoy good
videos, & that’s what is good about blogging.

You can talk about everything & anything that comes
to your mind @ a moments notice, out of the blue &
if you don’t know how to add a video like I do mine
I can help you do that, it’s not that hard to do either.

The main things to keep in mind is to keep it real &
engaging, & friendly & interesting that’s what works
& don’t forget to respond with your readers that visit.

I thank you for stopping by & engaging in this blog
I hope to see you again soon on my other blogs on
here that just may give you some good thoughts.

Have a great day & stay safe & start blogging with
the rest of us, you never know what you will come
up with & where it will go once you get started. 👋bye

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