What the ? is going on?


I have a lot to say on what is going on with our nation & Gov’t “B”
there are a lot of people that are VERY WELL UPSET about how
things are going with our nation & NONE OF IT IS GOOD FOR US!!!

Rather you your for or against the zoo party in the white house
that’s your privilege, but I know there’s a lot of people that’s on
a raging ship that’s not for the way things are going on right now.

I’m 1 of them, & there’s a lot of people that want “B” OUT & Trump
BACK IN to get our nation back in order like it was where we have
FREEDOM not FEAR that we are all living in every single day. 😢

If you really look at everything that’s been going on since Jan
EVERYTHING has been turned UPSIDE DOWN !! & for WHAT ?
to “BUILD BACK BETTER” have you even thought about that?

Let me give you something to think about on just what this
means & what is heading our way & if we don’t wake up &
make a BIG CHANGE we have no 1 to blame but ourselves.

I’m going to share some things that SHOULD make you think
about what this nation is turning into, & if you don’t want to
believe what I’m sharing on here again that’s your privilege.

Facts are facts, truth is truth, real is real, take it or leave it
this involves EVERYONE, you, me, your kids, your friends, ext
rather you want to face it or not this is YOUR LIFE it effects.

The videos I have for you here are at different times some
are recent some are a little older, but it gives you the reality
of what our nation is turning into B-4 our very eyes, seriously.

“Be SURE to read what people are saying in the
COMMENT SECTIONS Cause THAT will give you
more insight to what they are thinking as well.”

US must endure Biden’s ‘destructive’ immigration policies: <video
Republicans hold news conference on Biden and Pelosi <video
8 Signs That The US Is Heading to a Great Depression <video
What Will Happen to Us Before 2025 <video
Surviving An Economic Collapse <video
Pelosi ignores disaster abroad <video
“This is what your leadership has done!” <video
We Are Witnessing Incompetence <video
Kevin McCarthy blasts Joe Biden <video
Biden’s Agenda: Make Everyone Hate America <video
20 Must-Have Items for the Coming Chaos <video
Why You Should Stockpile Food Right Now <video

I know there’s a lot to take in of just what all
is going on & what has been going on & you
don’t have to take it ALL IN @ 1 TIME but I’d
get as much info as I could day by day on it.

Cause people let me tell you, if you don’t open
your eyes & thinking process on all this, your
going to be sorry when all HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Republicans and veterans discuss Afghanistan <video
we are in more danger now than we know <video
Biden giving ‘shockingly’ unpatriotic speech <video
What a Supply Chain Breakdown Will Look Like <video
people in every state are ‘going to die <video
Joe Biden’s Blunder will Make HISTORY <video
Biden admin was caught flat-footed <video
Biden has left us in a hostage crisis <video
The USA Has No President <video
Biden should be impeached <video
Americans beaten by Taliban <video
Judge Jeanine slams Biden <video
Biden Trusting the Taliban <video
The Big Cover Up <video

If I was you I’d start paying CLOSE ATTENTION to
what’s going on in your towns, cities, states, &
communities cause this is NOT TO BE A JOKE!

YES I KNOW it’s all horrible, bad, horrific &
anything else you want to throw in the mix
this is why it PAYS to stay on top of it all.

It’s HIGH TIME we start preparing for what’s
coming eventually to EVERY 1’S AREA in the

I give you fair warnings of what’s to come, it’s
up to YOU to take action & prepare for it & if
you don’t know how then start with YOUTUBE.

The Worst Food Supply Shortage <video
HUGE! Prediction <video
Truckers organize strike <video
Food Shortages, Population Control <video

People I know that everything we’re dealing with is hard
to grasp & wrap your head around but we have to be very
vigilant & strong in your faith that God has our backs.

I urge you to keep yourself safe & keep up with the news
& not just your regular local news, but outside the box type
news like REAL PEOPLE that’s talking about what’s going on.

THESE are the people that are running our country? <video
OBiden is saying Mission Accomplished <video
We Have Sheep In The White House <video
Biden Takes CREDIT for Withdrawal, <video
The Douglas Ducote Show <video

If you will hit the subscribe & the bell twice
on ANY of the videos you watched you will get
notifications when they come on you tube. 👍

I know your probably bouncing off the wall with
all the content in this blog which is understanding
cause its all mind boggling, but it’s not over just yet.

I won’t boggle your mind anymore even though there’s
a lot more going on around the world day by day, hr by
hr, minute by minute, but I think you get the point right ?

Thank You for stopping by & giving your thoughts &
support, please share this with other bloggers, friends
family, neighbors, social media sites your on, it’ll help.

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