We stand by 1 another

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Rockin’ Years< Relationships take a lot of work & a long time to make it last
it takes BOTH SIDES to work together & through the hard times as well as the
good times, it’s a 24-7 relationship & if you can’t handle that then get out of it.

Me & my husband has been in a 35 year relationship & we’ve been through the
ringer in our relationship, good, bad, up’s & down’s, hot & cold, jealousy is a
sure way to kill off a relationship, blaming each other is another good way.

Accusing 1 or the other of doing something they didn’t do won’t work either
respect, kindness, love & peace has a place in ALL relationships young & old
fighting & bickering with each other never makes a good relationship work.

When you have a good thing going don’t try to fix it cause it never fits the
script, just be thankful for what you have & bless God for the relationship
you have, I have been blessed to have the man I have made my life with.

I can tell you some things that we’ve been through that would have broke
a relationship in a instant, we were so broke we couldn’t pay attention, we
collected broken glass & aluminum cans to put food on the table daily.

Times was so hard we weren’t sure if we were going to make it day by day
we kept putting 1 foot in front of the other & never gave up, we have a
saying that’s been with us since day 1 of our relationship & it worked.

The saying is you do the best you can with what you have & we have
certain songs that helped us to make every day together worth living
the 1st song is at the beginning of this blog ROCKING YEARS 1 of our favs.

You have to work together, it’s not a 1 way street, there’s 2 people in
a long lasting relationship & you have to believe in what you want in
a partner your spending your life with, this is a GIVEN that is FACT.

For a good long lasting relationship it’s a give & take & if you just
about taking & not giving you may have to re-read the part above
this, better known called compassion, empathy, not selfishness.

I’ve seen some relationships that made me cringe in horror of how
spouses were treated & that goes for males & females in all kinds
of relationships, straight or any 1 else you are with, in your life.

God created man & woman to bond together & go forth & multi
that don’t mean jump from person to person just to get what you
want, if you get that godly GUT FEELING it’s there for a reason. 😱

Remember me telling you I could tell you some things we’ve had
to endure in our relationship? I’ll tell you a story about a certain
part of our relationship was very unhappy & I left him after 4 yrs.

1st off let me fill you in being married to a Semi driver that long
it wasn’t easy, but NEVER accused him cheating & I trusted him to
not do me wrong on the road & I never had a bad feeling of it. 👍

He would be gone for a few weeks Come home for the weekend
& hit the road again, sometimes I’d take a vacation away from the
farm B-4 I got into raising rabbits for a extra income on the side.

He Didn’t like the idea of me working, said we’ll do what we can with
what we have to work with, we had a few conversations about it & if
something was to go wrong we’ll deal with it the best we know how.

Well seemed like everytime we turned around something was going
wrong the money wasn’t inline with the bills, his loads weren’t paying
things were getting intense, & he said something & lost all my love.

He came at me with the thought I wouldn’t leave him cause I have too
much to loose I about FLIPPED My WIG (if I was wearing 1) so I knew
That he’s not thinking straight or done went off the DEEP END.

So knowing he had to leave for a road trip, I THOUGHT ABOUT what he
till he was down the road a good 5 hrs. worth to be sure he was gone.

I had a bicycle with rear baskets on it & I packed up what I could & a
dog (puppy) & hit the road I tell you no lies, where I was going I D K?
all I had was a few sets of close that would fit in the baskets I had.

I stayed out for (2 weeks) no 1 had a clue I left & didn’t know where
I finally called my neighbor that I talked to while he was gone that he
didn’t know about for like the 1st year of our marriage & I’d go to her.

I never invited people to our place, but that’s beside the point I’m
Making, what happened AFTER them 2 weeks Is what changed things
Around for us that has kept us together for 31 extra yrs {35 total} 💓

When I talked to my neighbor on the phone after being gone for 2-weeks
she was surprised to hear from me, cause hubby had came home & found
me gone my ring on the Tv, next to a cassette I made him, & all the credit
cards, my car keys, in a pile & he went off the wall as she told me, OH 💩.

She told me he came over in tears & wanted to know if she knew I was
leaving or where I went or HOW I left cause I didn’t take the car I had &
she told me he had a gun out looking for me & I got a voice from Jesus.

After I got off the phone with her I had a talk with Jesus & told him
what I was thinking & asked him what he thinks & to guide me where
I need to be in life & he told me to GO BACK HOME & make it WORK.

So I gathered what he said & did some soul searching on my way back
& I changed the way we spent our 1st 4 yrs to start a NEW relationship
where Jesus showed me how to change our relationship to make it work.

So here’s what I did & it worked where we didn’t argue anymore cause
the last time we argued I tuned him out for 2 days, (B-4 I left him) &
I knew he loved country music & food & GOOD THINGS to watch on tv.

I also knew he was tired when he came home after a long trip so I
put all that in my mind & Jesus showed me how to put it together
have everything thing done & a good plan set up for 3 days to do.

What ever he wanted to do that’s what we’d do & after the day
was done there’d be a good meal & movie I knew he would like
& when he wanted to BBQ we’d do enough for 3 families almost.

Why so much food on a truck drivers pay & small ss check to
keep the bills paid? I have a way with $ & bills & making it
work & come together so everything was in order for our time.

If we were just driving around I’d have all his favorite songs
prepared home made & that would set the mood for the day
& believe it or not I’d write him 💓 letters while he was gone.

I can’t say I live in a mansion, I can’t say we’re living high on
the hog by NO MEANS, but I CAN SAY we’re as happy as we
can be with the yrs we’ve been through together this long.

I hope this helps anyone that has a relationship problem
I’m not saying this is for everyone, but maybe you get a
light bulb go off on trying what I did to see what happens.

Thank You for tuning in & hanging out & leaving a response
Thank you for following me, to all that hit the follow button
I appreciate your support you take care & work together 💓

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