Buying a new home


When your ready to move, you go looking where you want to move to
Rather it be in the same area or another area or out of state no matter
Where you think about moving to, the main thing is to be SMART with it.

We have done a lot of moving in our lifetime, & I can say it’s not easy
It’s a lot of work from looking to packing to getting a place to moving in
Then unpacking & getting settled in the new place you have bought.

We are in that SAME boat AGAIN, as bad as it can be to go through
But there’s a lot of reasons on why we are willing to move AGAIN
We’re in a bad area that is nothing but a DUMP & drugs here. 😞

1 is we are surrounded with big trees that can’t be cut down & we
Are up in age where the property we live on there is no flat land
& it’s not safe for people our age to be on un-flat land everyday.

2 is we live in 2 different places on the same property cause the
Main place isn’t big enough for 2 people that want their own space
So 1 lives in the cabin & the other lives in the trailer & that’s life.

We have lived here for the past 10 yrs & fixing to pay it off & find
Another place to live that we CAN live together & on flat land &
No trees, no neighbors close by cause we have 6 dogs as well.

We didn’t really have a choice in this place that we are at now but
We have made the best of a bad situation all the way around but
It’s time to make a BETTER living decision at our age & health.

We have been looking but with what’s going on since Biden took 
Office & all that he has been doing to this nation to destroy it we
Are at our wits end on is it SAFE & is it going to be a GOOD time.

We don’t have a LOT of $ to live on but we CAN afford a decent
Place being it’s not the price of a mansion in the MILLIONS to
Pay for & we’ve had our share of hard luck in house hopping.

This time we’re going to be VERY SMART about our next place
Where we don’t have to worry about anything that we have
Been through happens EVER AGAIN, IF we can help it….

We have ALL heard the old saying “learn as you live” right?
That’s just what we have been doing in the past & haven’t stopped 
& have learned from our mistakes over the years to be cautious.

I did some research online to cover all our basis in our next
move so we have everything covered & I’d like to share it with
all that’s looking that’s may be “thinking” about moving soon.

Stimulus Check Update & Debt Ceiling< video
15 Things To Look For When Viewing A House< video
3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a House< video
7 Common First Time Home Buyer Questions< video
First Time Home Buyer Tips< video

Smart – wise people save cash for hard times

Being the way things are that’s going on across the nation day
by day, we are staying put & saving up for our next place & we
are stocking up on misc. supplies that will last us for the year.

I watch the news like a hawk & with everything we have been
through in our life time, We are being very careful & wise about
how & when we do things to get through the next 18 mons.

We have plenty of food that will get us through if need be &
if we have a Gov’t shut down we lose our ONLY INCOME that
we pay our bills with & if that is put on hold THEN WHAT ??

I don’t know what you think about what’s going on but I can
tell you this, it’s not good no matter how you spill the milk
& if you don’t take what’s going on serious you better start.

This just came out on you tube about how bad it’s getting
& this is why I try to warn people about what’s going on
but if people don’t pay attention then what’s the point ?
Largest spike in nationwide murders ever recorded< video

This is not to be taken lightly, this is VERY SERIOUS & it’s not
about being laid back like it’s nothing to be concerned about
cause this concerns EVERYONE & our well being as AMERICANS.
Supply Chain Crisis Will Get Much Worse <video
economic catastrophe<video

I hope you found this important enough to take action to be
ready for the worst & can get this to all your friends & families
to help them get ready for what’s to come & prepare ahead.

Thank You for stopping by & taking intrest in this blog &
responding I wish you all the best & pray for everyone
please share this on your social media to warn others.

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