Making Goals 4 next yr

Our goals is our future in life

God put us on this earth he created in 6 days the 7th day was
for rest & worship him & do good deeds for others when he
gives you a inspiration in your heart to make a difference in
Someone else’s life, to help them through their troubles đŸ’“

So this is what I’ve been working on this summer & now we’re
where we are waiting on a few more Items & putting it together
& see what it’s going to do & what adjustments we have to make.

What am I doing? putting a sm pond together for a good friend
& we haven’t had a lot of time to stay on it but we’re doing as
much as I can being I live 3 miles from getting it all together.

I don’t drive, my husband drives, so I couldn’t get the time I
needed to get it together like I was hoping to do, so we’re just
putting the final things we need together for next year to do.

Waterfalls is a great stress reliver

I love waterfalls, I love to veg listening to them & gazing at the falls
to put my thoughts together on how to make life as simple as can &
hang out with a friend to talk about this that & the other in life ahead.

I came up with a plan to build a small pond at a friends place being
I don’t have the right place to do 1 at my place like he does without
all the trees surrounding him like I do & we have a good start on it.

We have the pond in the ground & now we have the waterfall to do
that’s going to be about 3-4 feet long to the pond which is going to
be layered like the photo shows above to give the flow & runoff.

The photo I have on here is the waterfall system that the pump
will hook up to & the pump will be able to push 1200 to 3200 gph
(adjustable) to get the right flow & sound & look of it after setup.


Building the size pond I’m doing in full layout is in the area
of 20 X 30 with plant’s & with a water plant setup around it, I’m
getting some water plants up indoors over the winter for it.

I don’t have a photo of it, but I’ll give you a video of something
close to what we’re looking at doing & on a limited budget as
we go, & all this is coming out of the blue, off the top of my head.

This video on here is a demo of what pump size can put out what
flow you want or will get depending on the waterfall flow & size the
waterfall is height & length that all has a play in the right waterfall.

5 Pump Display. How To Pick The Right Pump For Your Pond. <video
Build a Pond with a Waterfall <video around 2:40 is the pond plan
with how much of a length & the size of the waterfall we’ll have.

I won’t be able to get a photo of the pond after it’s done, but I
may have a drawing of it if I can find it I’ll put it in here to let
you see what the plan is for the layout of the whole thing.

full layout of pond area

If you tap on the photo it should enlarge for you to get the full
view of it all, it’s a lot of work but it will be well worth it after it’s
done & running like I said this was a out of the blue pond idea.

So wish us luck on getting it all set up like we are looking for
even though it’s going to take us a lot of work & time to do it
well folks I gotta run, you all take care thank you for stopping
by, I’ll be back up with you later on to hang out on responses.

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