Hard Times Ahead

Time to clean some fish

I love some good fresh fish to eat, & I love catching fish just as much
but I have a way to make the fish I catch TASTE FRESH after I’ve caught
them, I put them in a fresh water tank for a few mos. & feed them fish
food that I feed my goldfish, & I feed them worms for the meat diet.

I’ve got like 10 hand size brims that’s been flushed out to get that
fresh water taste, not the wild taste you get right out of the water
of a lake that’s muddy & dirty where they live, it’s time to dress
them out for a meal, so the ice chest is getting cold to put them.

This is my 1st attempt at doing this to see how it would go & I
have to say some of the fish we’ve caught this year didn’t do so
good coming from the lake to fresh tank water sad to say, but
some did adjust to the change, it just takes time for them to.

So those that made it long enough to be flushed out is going
to be cleaned & put in the freezer for fish to eat in the winter
season when we go into hibernation, being it’s too cold to go
fishing, so we just work on storing fish we catch for winter.

By the time November gets here we’re done fishing & done
got enough fish in the freezer to last 2 people all winter long
we also have been working on storing some extra can goods
& supplies we need to get through this economy crash coming.

If you haven’t been paying attention you might want to cause
our lives will ALL BE AT RISK take it from someone that pays
CLOSE ATTENTION to everything going on across the world
I’ll put some videos here so you can get prepared as well to.

Just to give you a good look at what all is going on that you
may have missed or didn’t hear or know about life is in deep
trouble with how things are going & gone in the past 9 mos.
take some time to check out these few videos & you tell me.

Every thing out of the Biden admin is a lie <video
Biden’s ‘Big Brother’ IRS Crackdown <video
Its All Crashing Down! Panic Begins <video
Cargo Ship Dilemma This Will Impact You <video
This is where the danger lies <video

I don’t know how you feel about all this but it’s not a joke
& I would think this would be taken very serious by every 1
I believe in the almighty, but he also helps those that help
themselves that help others in what ever way they can too.

So if you decide to let things happen without getting ready
for what’s coming all I can say is I hope you make it through
the best way possible cause it’s not going to be very easy or
fun, people will be going off the deep end when it ALL HITS.

I don’t mean to be all gloom & doom but I feel people need
to be aware of what’s happening & what’s coming to be ready
so their not caught by surprise & unprepared for what’s ahead.

Thank You for stopping by & leaving a comment about what
you think or feel about this & if your preparing or getting
ready for what’s to come sooner than later book of Rev.
The Book Of Revelation <video

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