Focus on the good in life

Our path in life takes us in different directions everyday

Our lives has a way to take different paths we don’t expect at times
& we never know what that path may turn out to be, we are all in a
world of our own & we learn as we go in life, some are good & bad.

My life has taken so many paths & hit so many brick walls I’m glad
I made it through it all, cause some of the paths my life took wasn’t
very good to make it out alive as bad as it was the 1st 20 yrs of it.😢

I never thought I’d make it to see 65 but here I am & lucky to be alive
some of the things I had to live through I don’t think anyone could or
even would survive, but I’ve always been a fighter to survive in life.

I don’t take life for granted, I treasure the struggles I’ve endured & I’ve
learned how to make a bad situation the best I can from it as well too
1 thing I will say is, you never give up & always think before reacting.

life can change from bad to good if you let it

With all the paths my life took over the years to be where I am today I
never thought I’d be where I am, cause there was a time where I just
had no life left in me to fight anymore & was ready to give up & die.

But I’m glad God gave me the strength to keep fighting & kept beside me
holding me up & kept telling me he’s here for me any time or place if I
ever MAY need a shoulder to cry on Or someone to talk to he’s always here.

Like I said never give up cause God almighty gave us life for a reason &
it’s not for us to take it from him & he is never far if you ever need help
with something that you can’t fix or change just give it to God to handle.

Life didn’t come with a manual to live by, we have to learn as we go &
putting God in your life makes a BIG DIFFERENCE how can I say that?
cause I had to learn that very thing myself in life to make life change.

Never feel alone for he is always with you

God has many ways he talks to us, some are through signs, some are though
dreams, some are through visions, & some are through other people he puts
in our lives just at the right time that you never expected cause he knows us.

There are a lot of bad things going on in everyone’s life right now across the
world, & we have our own lives to control & work with, but never let a good
deed slip to help someone in need cause that’s 1 of the reasons we’re alive.

I hope this reached someone that needs a helping hand in their lives & it
gives them something to think about when life is in a turmoil & nothing
is going right just ask God to help you he’s never too busy to help us out.

Thank You for stopping by & sharing something with others that may need
help or someone that they can talk to about things cause lets face it, we ALL
NEED SUPPORT & a good friend to talk to & share things with no matter what.

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