Winter is coming


Winter is just around the corner in parts of the country & some places
get really cold & last longer than other places & pets, plant’s & people
need to be protected from the cold cause they can’t do it themselves.

We’ll start with pets on how to protect them from the winter cold &
how some don’t mind the winter cold along with some pets that can’t
handle the cold weather, if you have any of these pets this is for you.

Keep Your Dog Safe In Cold Weather <video
Straw Alternative & Wood Chips <video
You can find all kinds of ways to keep your pets safe & warm in the
winter months it all goes with the responsibility of having & owning
pets rather it is dogs cats rabbits pigs they all need our love & care.

I have 6 dogs I take care of but only 3 stay outdoors in 10 X 30 ft pens
they have 24-7 food & water & a decent size dog house, I make sure I
have enough straw & cedar chips on hand JUST B-4 winter for them.

The cedar chips are to run the fleas & keep the mice away & it works
cause each dog has it’s own pen, house, food & everything they need
without fighting over it & I always keep a close eye on them everyday.

PROTECT YOUR PLANT’S I can’t tell you how to protect the plants
you have cause there’s so many plant’s that God put on this earth it’s
hard to say what plant’s need to be protected in winter & what 1’s don’t.

But I can say this if you know your plant’s like you know your pets
it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but it never hurts to help those
that may need some help in how to protect their plant’s as well too.

According to the gardening zone map, I’m in zone 6a & 5b so that helps
me to know what plant’s I have will need what to protect them from the
winter weather so they will come back next year, I mainly let them be.

I mainly just cover them with leaves & that has helped a lot but I ALSO
TRY to watch what plant’s come back from a winter & Stake it to help
me find it for when spring comes back to see if it comes back or not. 👍

How to Winter Protect Plants in Containers <video
Protect Plants for the Winter <video
Keep Your Plants Alive in Cold Weather <video

We all know that the elderly suffer from the cold weather every year
& they sometimes don’t rely on any help, but they need our help to
make sure they have what they need in the hard weather months.

That means food, water, meds, heat, with out them few things they
can’t & won’t make it through the winter season & will suffer & die
so rather your a neighbor or friend or family be someone there.

I knew some elderly that has died in the winter season just cause
they had no 1 to look after them & how they died hurt my soul &
there was nothing I could do, so PLEASE help them if you can.

tips to keep older loved ones safe from the cold <video
Cold weather means concerns for the elderly <video
Eldery Care in Winter months <video

I hope this has helped some 1 that needs it as a reminder of the
things some don’t think about when the weather changes cause
we’re thinking about what we need for the winter season 😞

Thank You for stopping by & responding in what ever way you
do, it’s a blessing when we can help others in what ever way
we can cause helping is caring & everyone needs help right ?

Stay tuned for the next blog that I will come up with to engage
in cause you never know what will pop up out of the blue here
I try to keep things interesting & keeping you updated on things.

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