What Happens now ?

Living on the computer all day

When you are retired & very little to do in life what do you do? me I live on
my computer watching news, playing a few games, doing puzzles, watching some
U-tube movies, or writing on my blogs {w-p or blogger} well W-P bill is due now.

$300 I don’t have that kind of $ that I can put on it when I have other bills to pay
so now I’m wondering what happens to all my blogs I’ve got on here? do I lose
them or what happens if I can’t pay $300, cause if I lose my blog page I lose You.

If I lose my blog page would you still follow me on my blogger.com page that’s
FREE & can do the same there as you do on W-P, I’ve been on blogger.com for
a few years & have a lot of posts on there if you have a GMAIL acct to log in with.

I love to write about all kinds of things that may interest someone that likes
what other people are doing or have on their minds or something that helps
them in some sort of way or just likes to read or what ever the case may be.

I can leave you a link to my blogger page if your interested in sticking with me
& want to see what I have going on over there & if I happen to lose this page
you can join me on my other blog page I have, here is my email for blogger.

(aniceh@gmail.com) if your interested in getting a hold of me to sign you up
I can do that too, you can email me to live chat if you want I don’t mind that
like I said there’s not a lot to do where I live so I live on my computer all day.

Thank You for hanging out with me on here, I would like to hear what you
have to say or what you think & would like to know if you want to hang out
with me on my other blog acct if I happen to lose this 1 in the future months.

Here is 1 of the post on my blogger page I wrote awhile back so if you want
to engage with me there you have my email & if you have a gmail acct you
shouldn’t have any problems getting up with me or my blogger acct, thanks.

Published by bloggngnoggin

I made this site for me & you to have a good place to relax & enjoy with music, movies, ideas, thoughts, & so on.

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