It’s been a long day

Went shopping after a stress test

It’s been a long day, got up around 6 this morning thinking about the
stress test I had set for 1 this afternoon that got changed to a earlier
appointment that threw me off a bit but I’m glad I got in & done early.

After the stress test was over with we had to go shopping at wal mart &
O M G! ! it was like everyone & their mother & brother was there as well
we got the stuff we wanted to get stocked up on for a few mons to last.

Mostly frozen goods & some other things we needed & we didn’t take
long to get everything we needed & by the time we were done & ready
to cash out they had 3 registers open & lines of people waiting in line.

I will say that the shelves looked well stocked which was a relief to me
cause I think if they were empty like I’ve seen before I would have a
freak attack, cause I can’t deal with knowing my food is being limited.

I’m the type that likes to have plenty of food & supplies on hand & I
don’t have to worry about being without at any time if I need something
I know how it feels to be without & I HATED IT! ! but I made it work for us.

dark clouds was our lives being broke

So that’s what makes me feel the way I do with what I hear on the news
& I don’t mean regular news channels but other channels that talk about
what we’re not hearing on the news channels that their hiding from us. 😠

But I won’t get in that I have plenty of other blogs on here that talk about
what’s going on their not telling us & so on, but I will say this, the cost of
food & gas is going off the charts price wise here in the state of Indiana.

So if you can I’d suggest getting what supplies you need & get stocked up
before it’s gone or too much to pay for cause things are going to get hard
& get real bad, I’m not the only 1 saying this, it’s all over the t.v & videos.
supply chain breakdowns < Video > The Threat to America > Cargo Ship Dilemma:

I’ll let you know what I hear from my stress test when I hear from my Dr.
but right now I’m tired & ready to take a nap & then get up in a few hours
to get something to eat & catch up on the news I missed while I was out.

So you all have a safe great day, evening & take care of each other & find
what ever peace there is in your life & have some time with your friends
family & God above cause HE’S THE ONLY 1 THAT can predict the future.

With that I’ll take this time to say Thank You for stopping by & hanging
out hope to see or hear from you again I’ll get back on here after my nap
to respond back if you left a comment talk with you later take care bye πŸ‘‹

8 responses to “It’s been a long day”

  1. Prices are going through the roof, whatever the reason!! I have my thoughts opinion but there’s little I can do anyway. I was a prepper. It was a bit of a hobby with my wife and me, so I’m pretty set for the long term. Hope your stress test comes out ok. I went through a bunch of that and came out ok but I changed my lifestyle. I hope it’s ok if I pray for you.

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    • I’m glad to hear from you on this, Thank You for your response
      there’s a few things we can do to warn others that’s lost in this.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter on all this cause
      seems like no 1 wants to talk about what they this craziness we’re
      living through & how to get through this the best they can these days.

      This was my 1st ever stress test at 63 so I was wondering how I’d
      do with it & the nurses or what ever their called said I Aced it, but
      I know it’s not what they say that matters but we’ll have to wait.

      I use to take long walks till we got where we are now & can’t get
      out to walk cause neighbors don’t keep their dogs contained so
      what walking we do get is when we go pay bills & get supplies.


  2. Thank You for your sweet comment & stopping by
    Yea I’m pretty tough for being 63, I try not to get too stressed out
    over the little things in my life, but sometimes things like to stir up
    my feathers every now & then but I work through them.

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