Music of the soul

music soothes the soul

You ever have them days when nothing sounds good or looks good &
your soul is lost for something good in life & you feel like your lost ?
well I’ve been in 1 of them weeks that I feel in a blah mood till now.

I had forgotten about when I down loaded my favorite music site &
when I started working on my 30 gal tank I’ve been putting off 4-ever
something said turn on some music & I hit my book mark page & 😱

I found something I forgot about a long time ago that I always loved
listening to & if you haven’t heard of it I’ll be happy to share with you
it’s called it has ever kind of music you want to listen to.

I don’t know what you like to listen to as far as music goes, but I love
country oldies, & the oldies of hip hop of the 60’s to the 80’s & if you
are into any of them type of tunes I’ll share some videos for you here.

Classic Country Music hits of 50s 60s 70s
Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s
Eagles Greatest Hits
The Deck Of Cards
Best Classic Country Songs
Bobby Darin – Dream Lover
Patsy Cline ‎– 12 Greatest Hits
Country Songs Of All Time
70’s Oldies but Goodies
Battle of new Orleans

Those are just a few of my favorite 1’s I love to listen to to get me
out of my funky mood when nothing else sounds or looks good
if your interested in more, I have a blog with over a 100+ songs.

I’m sure there might be a song or 2 you would like that you haven’t
heard in a good while & once you got started you’d look for more
& B-4 you know everything changes & time done slipped on by.

I’ll do you a favor, save you some time in trying to find the blog
I share it with you where all you have to do is hit the link to get
started & just check out just what music I have for you to hit on.

Some are singles, some are albums, but 1 thing they are is lots
of old time memories of the better days we use to live & enjoy
back when we were young & full of life & learning what life was.

Well I’m not going to make this a long blog I got to get busy with
the fish tank while I listen to some jams & get to bed being it’s
late & had a short nap & starting to get a little tired so I’ll say 👋

you have a safe happy day take care & I’ll get back up with you
in a few days hope you enjoy the videos & the video blog I put
on here for you, let me know what you found to listen to please.

Thank You for stopping by & hanging out, have fun, don’t 4-get
to check out the other blogs I have on here there’s plenty of
them that will keep you busy for a while if your not too busy.

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