Police officers on the job

Police on standby

The things Police officers have to deal with on a day to day basis
Is not worth what they are paid, but yet some have a hate on them
& yet who is called when they need help? What gets under my skin
Is the GOV’T we have in office right now has Security but yet is
Giving them mandates to get the vac or get fired W-T-? That’s
WRONG!!… So what is happening ? their walking off the job. 😞

San Diego: Pit Bull? <video watch what they have to deal with
& ask yourself could you do what these officers do everyday ?
I doubt if I get a yes or even a maybe from any 1 that has no clue
Of what these officers go through just to get a paycheck to
Support their families or even themselves for that matter, they
Put their lives on the line every single day & night for WHAT ?

Police chase ends with K9 released I have to give them ALL
High congrats on how man & dogs can do the job of taking
Down the bad guys with no 1 getting hurt or killed in the
Process & all 3 of them are caught GOOD JOB IN DEED.

Man Armed With AK-47 Attacks Police This is a officers job
That they face every day & they are the 1’s that get the heat
For what they are trained to do to be a police officer, I get
There are some bad 1’s on the force but those that’s doing
What they are trained to do by the book makes it rough.

So with that said, please when you see a officer in a store
Or in a place of business take a minute to tell them how
Much their job matters to you & thank them for doing a good
Job protecting your area, cause they really don’t hear that
from a lot of people, buy them a coffee or a meal it helps.

Thank You for your time here really appreciate your time
Hope you have a safe great week & Halloween take care.👋bye

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