America is being bull dozed

America is losing ground

Our very lives are so over whelmed with the Government bull dozing us
we fear there is no end in sight, Those that’s working more jobs than they
can to keep bills paid, food on the table, gas to get to & from work is hard.

People on fixed incomes is at their witts end to where their losing hope &
have to deal with what they are going through on top of how the price of
life is sky rocking from deciding what they need & have to do to survive.

The world is on the edge of a huge cliff that’s doomed to CRASH into a
very dark black hole & if you think I’m over stating this I suggest you
take the time to listen to what Louie Gohmert had to say about it all.

US Itself Is At Risk < Video to pay close attention to cause he hit the
nail on the head of what our nation, economy, Americans are going
to face in the times ahead & it’s really heart breaking to hear this.

Biden is ‘crushing’ these people <Video I you listened to the 1st 1
then you know what he’s saying goes right hand in hand with this
of just where the U.S is heading if something isn’t done very soon.

Democrats will only make things worse <Video I know things are
not right & getting worse day by day & & tighter but we have to see
our way though this mess the best we can & pray our hearts out.

Republican states continue to outperform<Video We Can only pray
ALL STATES turn RED so we have a chance to BUILD BACK BETTER
from where the ? president has put the nation in a BAD SITUATION.

Biden admin ‘deliberately misled’ Americans<Video This says it all
of just what the 1st Video was saying of where our nation is going
& if we don’t start taking action we’re not going to have any chance.

what is in the US infrastructure bill?< Article post There are a lot of
talk about what is in the bill but what do people do when & IF it goes
into effect ? think about where you live & HOW this will effect you.

Lethal Virus 2021< movie This is just about as real as it can get for
what we are dealing with as far as the virus goes & what the Gov’t
is doing to put the American people through hell in our daily lives.

I’m not trying to scar you but it’s time to think about what is in
the lives we are all living in now to what we will be living with
remember we have another (3yrs) with the joker in office now.

Thank you for stopping by & leaving your thoughts about this
we’re all in this together & we all need to work together with
getting the word out to making a change for a better president.

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