Cold Weather is Here

Who enjoys winter ?

I’m 1 that doesn’t enjoy winter or cold weather never have, but I live
in Indiana of all places after living in the south most my life, & why
you may ask, I have a good reason for living in a cold state of Indiana.

The reason me & husband moved to Indiana was because of all the
B-s we had gone through with so called friends & family & the H-M
housing market that took everything we owned & that was ENOUGH.

We have been living in Indiana since 2008 & it hasn’t been easy for us
but we have been making things work as best we can for the better &
as time goes by we have a strong will to make things better yr by yr.

Being we live on a fixed income & live in 2 different places with 2
water phone & power bills we still make it work till we can do better
if things don’t go stupid on us like it did in Fla we’ll be able to move.

You may be asking how can we be able to move living on a fixed
income & with double bills? I can answer that really easy for you
we’ve been saving $ back & building a nest for another place #1

#2 The place we’ve been living in will be paid off next year by May
at the latest & then we can save that $ we’ve been paying out for it
& add it to the $ we’ve been saving & by 2024 we’ll have $ to move.

So Far I have saved 7.000$ & with a extra 500$ + the 500 I’ve been
saving for the past few months since I started my ss it will be a
BIG BLESSING & HELP to get us where we need & want to live.

I made a $ savings chart & from when I started it till 1-18-2023
we’ll have $14,000$+ saved up where we can think about looking
for another place in 2024 depending on what happens now & then.

$14,000$ doesn’t look like very much BUT like I said we’ll have
more than that once we get this place paid off where we can put
the extra 500$ into the plan, the $14,000 is based on MY SAVINGS.

We should be able to DOUBLE THAT BAL with putting a 1.000$
a month after May of 2022 that will give us 2 yrs to build up the
acct which will be AWESOME & if you add that up what do you 👀?

1.000 X 6 mons = 6,000 1.000 X 12 mons = 12,000
1.000 X 18 mons = 18,000 1.000 X 24 mons = 24,000
Add that up to what we have saved up will make a BIG DIFFERENCE
towards what we’ll be able to afford at that time & be 👀ing at
depending on what the price is for another place for us to live.

We aren’t looking for a huge mansion to live in but a simple
3 bdrm-2 bath place with a decent size FLAT 2-3 acres of land
with a double garage & a work shop for hubby to do things in.

The main thing we need is someone to work with us to where
we don’t have to get a “loan” to pay for what we want cause that’s
how we lost the place we had in Fla & I’M NOT DOING IT AGAIN !

This is the WHOLE IDEA on why we are saving the $ we are so we
don’t have to worry about getting a loan to pay for a place, been
there & lost our A! ! & for the life of me I’m not doing it again.

I would bet neither would any 1 else go down that path either
after losing everything they owned & stole 20 years of our lives
I know a LOT of people lost their homes just like we did as well.

We all have seen how things have been going over the years &
what the gov’t has been doing to us all keeping us in a big hole
costing us more $ to live & to make a living than it’s worth. 😢

Hyperinflation is coming < Video this is exactly what I’m talking
about & if we don’t start paying attention to what’s going on now
it’s going to be too late to do anything to save you from it all later.

Well I wasn’t planning on a long blog but it covered a lot of things
that I had on my mind & what our plans are for the next 3 years
I hope you found this interesting & maybe help you out as well.

Thank You for stopping by & leaving a thought if you leave 1
2022 will be a game changer for what’s to come in 2024 so we
have to stay on top of what’s going on & see what happens next.

2 responses to “Cold Weather is Here”

  1. I’m not 1 for cold weather either, but it is what it is
    I just deal with it when I have to & sit at the computer
    when I don’t have to go anywhere or outside.

    I’m the same way on the inflation myself, that’s why we
    got food stocked up, we started that a few years back
    just B-4 trump went into office we turned the extra
    bedroom into a fool pantry just for this reason. 👍

    We have enough rice & beans to feed a army &
    can goods stocked up to last a few months &
    meat the same way so we’re on top of it & we
    have our bills caught up like 6 months ahead 👍

    So we’re ahead of the game food & bill wise &
    just killing time doing nothing we eat 1 meal a day
    & snack enough to get us through the day is it.


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