How to make money online

This is my everyday life

I’m going to be sharing some videos So you can see all the different
ways  people are putting on YouTube that I have been looking at, But
before I do that I want to give you a little story about all the videos I
have seen, watched, listened to, and  have tried over the yrs.

I got my first computer in 2009 & didn’t know a thing about computers,
so when I got my first computer I made it a mission to learn everything
I could about making money online day & night I lived on that computer
for weeks on end Hours upon hours upon hours,  day after day after day
night after night after night, Like I said I was going to make this a mission
to make money online.

Everything I looked at, everything I watched, everything I seen
was a endless hope to nowhere, but I never gave up, the only
thing I did learn was how the computer worked & what not to do.

# 1,  never believe everything you hear see or watch  online
# 2,  never jump into something you don’t know nothing about
# 3,  do as much research as you can on everything Online
# 4,  never take people’s word on how to make money easy
# 5,  don’t sign up for what people are saying, check it out 1st
# 6,  try to get ahold of the YouTuber that uploaded the video
# 7,  If you have doubts, Repeat # 3, and # 5, B-4 anything else
# 8, Always remember there are scammers everywhere online
# 9, If you do find something online to make $ with I Would
make a video about it to share with others that’s looking
# 10, If what you have found is making you $ keep a log on it
by making a video and keeping the log updated every cash out

What $ I have made online I can give you a few sites that
I have done I did pretty well with it, it wasn’t big $  but
nonetheless it was money that I could count on monthly.

1, 2,  Swagbucks 3,  clixsense 4, bubblews
Now Here’s what I can tell you about the sites I worked on was a writing site that you can talk about anything 
like doing a Blog,  the more people that interacted with your post
that’s where you got your money at, Swagbucks Is a click site
Clixsense Is a click site, bubblews Was the same as mylot site.

Every since I left them sites or got booted off or the site folded 
I haven’t found anything else That’s worth being on-site for to 
make $ with that interest me to join, I’d like to find something 
That I could join instead of watching videos all day & doing ZIP.

Here are some videos I’ve been checking out but not real sure 
If they would be worth joining up for or if they’re worth the time.

How I made $1,600+ in ONE Hour This video is 1 I was talking 
About in the list I made to go by, he drags on the topic & talks 
Too fast to understand what he is saying, that’s a hint to 👀for.

Make Money Online Watching YouTube Videos Here is 1 that is 
A good 1 to try if you like bouncing all over the computer for 
Most of the day to make hardly anything & waste your time.

 New App Pays $300 Per 10 Min! This video here has some good 
Talking points & is pretty good in sharing what it’s about but if 
You’re not sure you can manage it then I’d find something else.

Get Paid to Write This is presented good for writers that are 
Into freelance writing which I’ve never seen myself as 1 to 
Get into something like this, even though I love writing but 
Not real sure if this would be right to try or work for me.

Make Money Writing I like the way she did the presentation 
Of the video, not a lot of empty talking points & was good at 
Talking about the different sites she talked about & was 
Easy to understand, not a fast talker & didn’t waste time.

I think I’d be interested in trying the site “Medium” for a
Place to write posts just to see what it has & does for me 
& if it’s worth my time to get somewhere with it over time.

I pulled up the site & it “LOOKS” good so far,  but with me 
That doesn’t say much as in if I like it or not till I try it 
I don’t consider myself as a GOOD WRITER to get paid.

With the writing for pay sites you have to know your stuff 
To be accepted & I don’t have that kind of confidence in 
My writing abilities to be gutsy enough to fool myself.

Well folks I’ve taken enough of your time on here sorry
for the long blog but hey sometimes that happens right
so I’m off here you all take care & stay safe thank you. 👋

4 responses to “How to make money online”

  1. I too, do not consider myself a good enough writer to actually get paid. I do it for pleasure or to get things off my chest so I don’t keel over from a heart attack. When I was on blogger, I did Adsense on my blog and made about $200. But then, they locked me out of my account (was it something I said?) and I still have about $60 and can’t get it until it reaches $100.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have too & tried for AdSense yrs ago & never got it
      so I didn’t bother with it any more & just write to vent awhile , So
      I get what your saying there, hope your doing good & all is good.
      Thank You for stopping by & responding take care stay safe.


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