Things you hear on talk shows

Hello my Friends, How’s things going for you where ever you call home
being it’s a Monday & just about evening time here, I’ve been a little busy
got some things done around the cabin & now taking a break for a min.

I got to looking on You Tube to line up my shows till bedtime to watch &
O-M-LORD! this is off the wall BAT-sh!f crazy ! ! ! how does this happen ?
I like watching some good talk shows but sometimes it blows me away.

You watch the 1st 12 mins of this you’d be W-T-? people can be so off
to do such a things, it would make your head swim to beware who your
friends are in such horrible times your suffering through, 1 after another.

Online Imposter Faked Her Death <video ๐Ÿ˜ฑ talk about CRAZY O-M-L!
this makes you really think TWICE about finding someone “ONLINE
cause you never know who’s REALLY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF IT!…

My Wife Moved Another Man In <video This is BARZAR off the wall
17 mins in & this BLEW me out of my chair, listen to what she said
talk about DRAMA ! this is TRUMA DRAMA, slap off the wall insane.

I didn’t think to ask if you have a ad-blocker on your computer, sorry
but if you don’t here is the video that is safe to use, I use it on mine
How to Install and Use an Ad Blocker <video it works A 100 %. ๐Ÿ‘

I have to say both talk shows are well worth watching IF you enjoy
them, some are mind boggling & some are something to teach some
1 else just learning about how people can be in a relationship together.

Some would call these shows drama shows & soap opera side kicks
& yes they may be, but still there entertaining to kill some time with
instead of the same ole things day after day & it’s something different.

Paternity Shockers! <video I use to watch this back in the 80’s
& it got too crazy watching the same thing over & Over so I gave
up on it & went to Steve Wilko, along with Dr Phil & still ๐Ÿ’“them.

Well folks This brings this blog to a close for now till next 1 comes
out, hope you enjoyed it & gives you something to talk about with
some 1 else about this subject till then keep yourself safe & smart.

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