{The world we live in today}


Hello There, how are things going in your life ?
Are  you happy, sad, angry, worried, confused?
you’re not alone, I am as well… not too happy.

The Gov’t we have now, is not for the USA &
The Gov’t has “people” they can control to be
DESTRUCTIVE ! ! I watch a lot of videos & I
Have been watching mainly this channel.

Meet Will Johnson podcast, he talks about 
What craziness the Govt is doing & he is a
Shoot from the hip not the lips type person.
The videos I share with you is who I’m sub
To, I thought you’d like to hear what he had 
To say about this, which is STRAIGHT UP! !
Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse<video {42 mins}

If You watched the video to the end thank you 
Cause there are some shady stuff that needs 
To be heard & shared with others as well 😬

If You are interested in any of the videos I 
Share on my post, please subscribe to them
I love sharing videos with others to help the 
People that can’t get the real truth from the 
Right people, so we go outside the box. 👍

Residents of Speedway mobile home park
This is horrible & it’s within a 100 miles from 
Where I live in Indiana, this is why it don’t 
Pay to rent or buy a piece of property….

Talking about not far from home I found 
This & I know the place isn’t far from us 
So don’t think things aren’t getting crazy.
Putnam County cemetery vandals sought

Remember the 1st video I put on here ?
Well this explains what he was talking about 
Listen to what fox news is saying on things.
The Five’ react to more disastrous polling for Biden

I have to agree with what they had to say 
If you happen to see different than I’d like 
To hear what you have to say, let’s talk.

This is Joe Biden’s main problem < video 😞
This is what I’ve been knowing all along !
I knew this B-4 he got in office & it’s sad.

I hope & pray for your loved 1’s & help 
Those you care about get this rather 
You share it on or offline SHARE THIS

If you know how to copy-paste that works
If you have family you live with share this
By playing it while eating lunch-dinner.

I’m calling this story a wake up call to all
That watched the videos & getting ready 
For GOD KNOWS WHAT could happen.
Biden, Harris historically unpopular < last video

People we have to be on our toes & 👀
What is going on that you may not be 
Getting from the news you have to watch 
I’m showing you the real news I watch.

Well I think it’s time I go to bed being it’s 
Going on 5am Tues. morning so I’ll say 
My good bye & come back later to chat.

Thank You for stopping by & visiting me 
Hope you got some good insight here &
Be kind to yourself & beware of others.

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