😠High Times is here


I’m lost for words right now cause what I’m about to share
with you isn’t good, I’m not 1 that beats around the bush
when it comes to our lively hood, our finances, our kids.

I stand for what’s right & don’t pull no punches about it
I’m 63 years old & had a so-so life, fighting for everything
I had & still ended up losing it all at the end in the long run.

I can’t for the life of me believe what I’m hearing right now
as if things aren’t BAD ENOUGH it just keeps getting worse
I CAN’T WAIT till 11-8-2022 for a HUGE over the top change.

We all need to push, pull, & ANNILATE this at the POLLS !
you, me, friends, neighbors, families, parents, students
knock it in the head till it’s dead & Bury the remains….

We have been suckers LONG ENOUGH & DAMN SICK OF IT !
if we don’t get this B-S fixed & voted OUT then we’re HISTORY
those who turn against us will learn who AMERICANS ARE.

With the next 3 videos I share on here you should know why
I’m enraged about what is going on & the time to act on it is
NOW ! if you have any compassion about the way things are.

Liberals have a ‘fake it till they make it’ strategy
Michigan pipeline shutdown
The truth about Joe Biden

Read the comments below the videos @ what people are
saying about this mess they have put EVERY SINGLE 1 of
us in & where it’s going from HERE ! we have to STOP IT .

Once you get through ALL 3 videos I shared with you on here
I would like to think you would agree with what we need to do
& that’s to stand up for our rights & Constitution & LAWS.

The so-called yahoos we have in office right now isn’t doing a
thing to improve the economy, their doing all they can to
DESTROY IT! are you going to STAND FOR THAT ? I hope not.

So no matter where you live, what you do for a living, what
color you are, what kind of race you are from, YOU MATTER
it’s going to take EVERY PERSON to vote them ALL OUT

If they figure out how to CHEAT THIS TIME that’s it I’m done
there’s no more holding back waiting for NOTHING ANYMORE
there’s going to be ALL HELL BREAK LOSE across the BOARD.

I just hope & pray everyone is ready & got their ducks in a row
with supplies & Security on hand & everything in the right
place. food, water, batteries, firewood, Necessities, gas, $.

HIGH TIMES ARE HERE ! & there’s no more time to do ZIP !
we need ACTION I’m done with the talking & nothing getting
done ! ! ! I’m a doer are you 1 too ? lets get this DONE PEOPLE.

Thank You all for showing your support & stopping by to say
your thoughts & let people know how you feel about this mess
people need to see hear & learn about how things are in life.

Please take a few minutes to send this out to your friends Even
on another video that’s talking smack about how GREAT things
are like some of them rhino news channels abc, cbs, cnn, +👍

2 responses to “😠High Times is here”

    • I hate to see what ours is going to be with 2 power bills
      so far there not too bad, but we don’t see our highest bills
      till about Jan Feb. We have been saving back for it too.

      I’m sure glad to hear your parents keep on top of the news
      I just pray their watching the RIGHT NEWS & not fake or
      lying news that don’t like telling the truth.


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