Random chat blog


Hello to all that stop by to visit what I have to talk about on here
Thank you, I thought I’d write this blog to cover what’s on my mind
so if your not too busy & want something to think & talk about 👍.

For you that have stopped & responded to my blogs & liked them
that makes me feel so good to have you here to leave your thoughts
I don’t have a lot of people to talk to & it’s a lonely life I live in.

I have a lot on my mind everyday & it’s not just with what’s going on
in the news & world but in my life in it’s self & trying to move & all
along with trying to keep my witts with all the craziness going on.

I have a place in sight for us but can’t move till the person gets
it done, when will that be ? I have no idea, but I hope it’s soon
but at the same time I hope it’s not too soon either, huh? yea.

The reason why I say that is cause I am trying to save up the $
to put as much $ down on it as I can when the time comes &
the reason I say it’s soon is cause we’re not getting any younger.

I’m sure you can understand that right ? & with how much
everything has blown up price wise & on a fixed income it’s
not easy to do what needs to be done in this situation. 😞

We are all in a tight situation right now & trying to make
ends meet every pay day what ever that may be to live on
& I feel really bad for everyone that’s feeling the hard times.

I wish I had a answer to help everyone that’s suffering from
what is being put on all of us everyday, it’s unfair & unjust
& surely not AMERICAN, I believe in Jesus & talk to God.

I pray things will turn around in a few years when we get
those that’s terrorizing America out of office & put the 1
that had our nation going in the right direction for us.

That’s why I blog about the things I do cause I feel it may or
could help someone that’s in the same boat & to let them
know their not alone, we all are in this together arm & arm.

Biden is deteriorating before our eyes < video to 👀
what I’m talking about, I know we’re all SCREAMING
& we have a lot to scream about so just let it out.

I have some other things I’ve been thinking about
as well & that’s when the time comes for my hubby’s
time on earth takes him & I’m all alone in this world.

I know it’s not going to be easy to deal with but I’ll
have to get through it, & I know I’m not alone that’s
been through it, I will be alright that I do know.

You may be wondering why I am thinking about it
there are a few reasons this is on my mind like it is
1 he is 75 & 2 he has a bad heart & 3 is high Bp too.

The main thing that worries me the most is how
we are living in 2 different places & not in 1 place
we talk everyday, but sometimes we don’t either.

Then there’s the 6 dogs we have that I have to
take care of & that’s a job in its self alone too
but thank God I have 3 that can live together.

Then there’s the bills I’ll have to keep paid &
food & things that I’ll have to keep on top of
& I have NO CLUE what $ I’ll have to live on.😞

But 1 way or another God willing I’ll be on top
of everything B-4 it happens if I can help it, cause
I’m 1 that don’t wait until the last minute for stuff.

I’m no spring chicken myself & I’m in good health
but we know how fast that can change as well too
I know how to take care of the things I need done.

Well folks I think I’ve held you up long enough with
my rambling random chat blog hope you didn’t mind
I just wanted to share some things with you about it.

Thank You for your thoughtfulness hope you have
a blessed day & all your prayers get answered by
the grace of God above & have a great turkey day.

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I made this site for me & you to have a good place to relax & enjoy with music, movies, ideas, thoughts, & so on.

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