What’s on my mind today?

I’m thinking about a lot of things

Hello all my followers, I just happen to see I have 31 of you, Thank You
I never thought I’d see that many people on here following me, WOW😱
it makes me feel so inspired to know people are interested in my blogs.

I don’t claim to be a good writer, just someone who likes to be able to
talk about how things are in our current situation of the life we live in
I don’t mean to be a person that likes gloom & doom all the time, I don’t.

So I was thinking about putting all my gloomy post on another blogging
site & just make this into something more interesting to entertain people
with, but what would that be ? I don’t have a life of stories I can share.

I sit home all day doing nothing exciting cause there’s nothing to do 😞
yes I live a very boring life, as bad as that sounds it’s also very true
so what does my day consist of ? not very much I can tell you that.

Watching videos, napping through out the day & eating a bite or 2
some here & there house chores, play with the 2 dogs I have inside
cooking a meal for hubby to eat on for the week & pay bills that’s it.

Now if you can find anything in that to talk about PLEASE let me know
cause none of that sounds like something to write or talk about to me
BUT I do have a list of things I have wrote about that a lot of you liked.

I thought about what blog site would be good to post all my political
post on that I could get some interaction with from other people who
don’t mind talking about the gloomy stuff, do you know of a free site ?

I’ve looked at Wix, Weebly, & I’m on Medium but it’s not free & has no
action unless your a paid member & that’s not what I’m looking for, I
looked at linkedin & a few others & have done some research on them.

10 best free blogging sites < take a look at what’s online to pick from
I have blogger & AGAIN there’s no interactions, it’s like no 1 is very
interested in politics & I get it, but it’s something that’s important.

I don’t have any kind of business to get into for a business blog so
that’s out, I have looked in to what I could do to make $ with but
seems like there’s nothing that grabs my attention enough to try.

I’m a person that once I find or get something in my grasp I run
with it in full speed, & don’t stop till I have it accomplished or get
the outcome I’m looking for at the time I get it started & worked on.

I don’t mind working online if I could find something I could do
it’s not cause I’m not interested it’s just that I don’t think I have
what it takes to do what is available online to make $ with 😞

I have computer skills like copy paste & how to find things online
how to write in my own way, how to research & follow instructions
I’d love to find something to do online where I could make some $.

But maybe 1 day something will show up for me to do online & if
not well that’s something I’ve learned to live with in my lifestyle
Does it bother me ?no not really, but it don’t hurt to keep hoping.

Other than that that’s pretty much where I am right now what
do you think ? would it be a good idea to find another place to
blog & make it a political talking blog? & maybe change this 1?

Blogging party 101 < you open this it’s my home page with WP
& when you see it, there’s a list in green with all the blog topics
& on the top you can contact me through my email to comment.

I think I’ll close this for now & wish everyone a blessed safe
thanksgiving to you & your families, God is above us all
put our lord & savoir above everything we take for granted.

Thank You for engaging in this blog & stopping by it’s a
pleasure hearing from you 💓Take care, stay safe & most
of all make peace not war… we’re all human that bleed red.


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I made this site for me & you to have a good place to relax & enjoy with music, movies, ideas, thoughts, & so on.

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